8 Passes + Cliff Hanger Road Trip


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Day 5, 04 Jun 2019,

Plan was to head for Killar, and spend the Night at Killar.
take a decision next morning if weather is suitable for Sach Pass.
As it is when we come out of the hotel, the sky was all overcast and threatening.

Well, on the way there was drizzle all say,
and the night we spent at Killar, it rained at night,
So Sach pass had to be called off.

Despite that the trip was amazing.

So here we go from Kishtwar to Killar.
BUT, first things first, even if your tank is 3/4 full,
i always like to tank up at start of day.
don't want any surprises added to the trip.
Himalayas as it is gives you surprises which are enough,

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