8 Passes + Cliff Hanger Road Trip


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We continued towards Machail.

now we had crossed over to the left side of the river.
Since this route was still under construction,
was wondering how far we would be able to dive.

sorry to disappoint you,
since this route is under construction,
as we went further,
there was a landslide bing cleared.
ahead of the landslide i could see the road had been cut,
we would not wait another hour for them to clear the landslide,
cause as it is we would reach Killar at 9pm,
and if we wait for an hour here, no idea when we would reach Killar, probably past midnight,
and we would not be able to get food and room.
So we turned around and headed for Killar,
reached Killar at 9pm.

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We could not make it to Machail.
so turned back and headed to Killar.
Rachel the part of the road that is just before Cliff Hanger road.
looks like even the goats are going on a road trip to Killar.
but they are smart, they know when to give way to traffic.



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Lovely videos, RT Sir :)

Two times to Sach and we still miss the cliffhanger dearly. Infact the stretches from Killar towards Udaipur could also be called cliffhanger, although the height of the road from the river is not that high, as in actual cliffhanger.


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That is the valley in which we are going to spend the whole day, it runs almost like a wide line all the way to Keylong and beyond to Kumzum Pass.
I like your birds-eye-view type of explanation ! It comes naturally for engineers to keep things in the right perspective !!

And your military experience is also discernible !!