8 Passes + Cliff Hanger Road Trip


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If you cannot go further,
don't push your luck.
turn back before you get stuck,

So we headed back from Zanskar Sumdo.
and this will don't some other day,
Early Jun it too early in the year,
the sold is all soaked up with a lot of moisture,
and also plenty of landslide that has caused problem to drive.



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It must be an ultimate experience driving between these high and narrow snow walls. Just wondering what if another vehicle comes from opposite side...
I have developed a habit to look as far ahead as possible as the road snakes arounds curves, so i know where to tuck in so the vehicle ahead can pass, i don't wait till i am head on, and then argue who will reverse.
It saves time and fuel, and energy.

Happy Landings.


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As we went higher and higher with ever bend in the road,
it go more beautiful.
We had decided, that if we could cross Baralacaha la, we would continue to Sarchu and then turn back.