8 Passes + Cliff Hanger Road Trip


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How does it look when you cross over from the side of Rohtang Pass that does not get much sunlight,
to the side which gets lots of sunlight all day.
See for yourself.



sometimes i wish i had a portable colour printer on my road trips,
so that i can give them a print out there itself.
I think they would treasure it.
My sentiments precisely. I too enjoy taking photos of the locals and email to those who have some electronic contact, directly or indirectly. Once i had taken some pictures of our BSF at our border and had sent them to the CO ( After editing out any important or identifying bits). But for these people a portable printer would surely bring a smile on their faces.

Great portraits, by the way.
and the Cliff Hanger road straight ahead.
That was awesome.

Thanks to RIDE IN hotel,
You surely were lucky to get the last room. And at a nice, unique hotel too.

but i had a lot of downloading to do
had been a long day, and with 3 cameras
Could you describe the photography gear you carried?

When everyone is shouting don't go , don't go,
a Fortuner will go,
That was an amazing video. What tyres did you have on the Fortuner?

Thoroughly enjoyed your TR which i read through at one sitting. Great photographs too. One suggestion: If you could upload a map showing the route you took during the 12 days, it would give people like me better understanding of the circuit.

Lastly, i didn't see any time lapse video. Did i miss it or you haven't as yet uploaded it?

A big thank you for sharing that amazing journey.