8 Passes + Cliff Hanger Road Trip


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07 Jun 2019.
We had spent the night in Tirthan Valley, and were heading for Kotkhai via Jalori Pass and Narkanda for a 2 nights stay and a drive to Chanshal Pass. From Jalori Pass we descended to cross Sutlej River, but a land slide had taken place just before the bridge at Luhri, now we had to go backwards, along the Sutlej and find another crossing point.

It was a long drive, and near Nunj we found a bridge to cross, then a drive back all the way to near the land slide area and bridge, and then the climb started for Narkanda.



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8 Jun 2019

After an amazing night at an Apple Orchard in Kotkhai, and a breakfast of aloo parathas, we headed for Chanshal Pass

Loved the Drive.

Road to Chanshal Pass



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We spent the night at Kiki Mathawan apple orchard,
next morning aloo parathas, and off to Chanshal Pass.
That is Chanshal Pass Straight ahead,
I normally chase storms, this time a storm chased me, and arrived with all its fury as it arrived from the direction behind us, so we did not realise we were being followed.
08 Jun 2019
Chanshal Pass.
Panasonic GH4 with Olympus 12mm
hand held Gimbal.



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We decided to head a bit more ahead of Chanshal Pass
as I could see a spot from where I could do some Time-lapse.

Looks like some road widening work is on.



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Our trip has actually come to an end,
and we had set course for home.
but on the way we saw a sign board " Kalesar Reserve Forest"
Well, we turned right, and decided to drive right through the forest.



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@rameshtahlan sir, you are living a life wished by many ... like a ruthless Su-30 hunting down its prey, you are conquering the mountains, the roads, the passes and what not ... big salute to your bravery and dare-devilry!!