8 Passes + Cliff Hanger Road Trip


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Sir, I am going to ask for your suggestion for a question I have been pondering on for some time. For trips like this would you recommend an Automatic SUV or a Manual one? Can an Automatic car do the job?
Hi, Sorry for a late reply, Just saw you post.

Always recommend a manual and preferable Manual 4x4, which has got us out of trouble many times, without external assistance.

The problem with automatic is that in a tough situation, when you have to go over a steep rock or get wheel out of a ditch with steep wall, the moment you give accelerator, the sensor detects higher RPM and immediately changes to the next gear, and the next gear is not capable of getting you out of the bad situation, and in fact makes matters worse.

Happy Landings.


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@rameshtahlan Sir, a very beautiful log with some amazing captures. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I know it is late but if you have stored a route map would really appreciate if you can share Sir. Thank you once again