8 Passes Road Trip + Cliff Hanger road (No Kashmir No Ladakh)


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The Maharaja also owns a forest.
and they have an out house or guest house there.
and when they are in Nahan, this is where they stay.

Got to their guest house in the forest just in time,
the sun was going down fast.

This is also where we would spend the night as guest of the Maharaja.






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After a nice dinner,
it was time for bed,
but i had to download images of the day,
charge all batt.
and put the alarm for 12 midnight,
so i would wake up to capture Time-lapse of Galaxy.



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10 Jun 2019, Day 12

The last day of our road trip. We were to head back
but once we clear of the mountains ,
suddenly saw a Forest sign board,
we look at each other,
Kiki asked, should we turn
I am not the type to say not.

This is the google location where we saw the sign board.
and it said,
Col Sher Jung National Park.

Loved it.

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 9.09.44 AM.png