A 2.5 year old's First Encounter with Himalayas.


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Some Teasers as per BCMT Tradition...


A 2.5 years Old's Firtst Encounter with Himalayas.


Ziva, At The Cillftop Cottage, Palchan.


Ziva with our ride at Solang Valley.


View from out attic room's Balcony. The Clifftop Cottage, Palchan.


Ziva in snow suit, Treking to Gulaba snowline.
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During October 2016,
When I was packing my stuff for Leh Trip. My 1.10 years old daughter was curiously observing me. She kept asking me questions like, where are you going, why are you going, why you are going alone etc.

I told her many things about The Himalayas, like Himalayas are the highest mountain range in world. Mountain are beautiful & Daddy love to travel in mountains. I told her that there is a beautiful place named Ladakh in these mountains. I promised her that I will take her to this place when she grow up.

Finally, On D-day when I was stuffing my bags in car.
She was crying like... “mudhe bhi lalllakh jana hai”…”mudje bhi himala dekhana hai”.
I went to her, kissed her and said... “ha beta tuze bhi ‘Himala’ dikhaunga.
This was a promise made to a 1.11 years old kid.

My Leh trip was successful.
We were watching my Leh trip’s photograph, & my wife said... “aap toh ghum ke aye , what about us?”.
Now remember, this is a dangerous situation. You have to answer this question, you have to answer this question positively. You cannot say “ sochenge”. You call yourself a travller & Your answer should be “ha chalo” and with specific location. If you fail at this critical sittuation, your future travelles will have no future.

I said “ thick hai ! chalo Manali ghum ke aye”. I explained her that we can have short trip to Manali by Railway- Volvo. She was worried about our 2 years old daughter. I said don’t worry, I will take care of everything.

We informed Ziva (opps, her name is Ziva) that we are going to Manali.
She said... "No!!... mudhe to lalllakh jana hai….mudhe to himala dekhana hai”.
Even after three months she remembered that promise. I explained her that Manali is another beautiful place in Himalayas. She was convinced.

So, it was decided. Ziva was 2.1 years old during January 2017. It was a perfect age to introduce Himalayas to her.

Now it was my duty to plan this trip, do the bookings and all.
My wife is an Assitant Professor in a University, so we had to wait for University’s summer vacation. Her vacation was starting from 1st May2017. I booked tickets A’bad – Delhi –A’bad by train. Booked Volvo for Delhi –Manali- Delhi. For stay arrangement I called Kapil Thakur (owner of the The Clifftop Cottage Palchan).
He said... “aap sirf Manali Pahoch jao, baki mai sab dekh lunga”.

So during March 2017, everything was done. There was only one issue. Out train tickets, A’bad to Delhi was not confirmed. It was 3 waiting. Just 3 WL.

I booked these tickets during March for May, two months in advance. In my opinion 3WL is not a big issue. Normally it gets conformed. But …. I was not aware that railway booking in May is never a normal scenario.

I downloaded two or three app for PNR check. I used to check PNR after every two or three days. Good news was my Delhi to A’bad tickets were confirmed. But the Waiting for our A’bad to Delhi journey was not moving at all. I mean it was just 3 WL, tickets were booked on 01March2017 for the Journey of 01May2017…and till 20Apr2017 it was in waiting only.

I was worried,I tried to search and book other options for our journey, but most of the Rly experts (there are forums to discuss this booking status) advised me not to go for alternative booking for other mode of transportation. They said 3WL is nothing.

I was not familiar with railway booking and stuff. I studied entire process of this railway booking and its waiting and RAC mechanism. I must say, it’s complicated but well designed. I understood everything about different status like GNWL, RLWL RQWL, RLGN. My tickets was in RLWL category, which means Remote location Waiting list. In normal Scenario RLWL get confirmed on journey date. Railway publish final status of seats before 4 hours train’s scheduled departure from source station.

On 1st May 2017 trains time were 5.15pm from A’bad & at 9.15am of my journey date I came to know that it wasn’t normal scenario.

Question: How I came to know that it wasn’t a normal scenario?
Answer: Final list of booking status was published and my tickets wasn’t confirmed. A 3WL Railway ticket booked before two months wasn’t confirmed.

Question: Why It wasn’t a normal scenario?
Answer: It wasn’t just my wife’s vacation starting on 30th April. Almost all the schools and colleges vacations was started. Most of the people planned and booked their travels in well advance.

So there we were, our bags were packed, our Volvo was booked, hotels were booked, Kapil even booked a motorcycle and a taxi for us in Manali, but our tickets to Delhi was not confirmed.

The fun part was, my wife couldn’t blame me that... “sab kuch advance mai plan kyu nahi kiya,”. She knew everything was planned in advance. It was my turn to blame her (eeeehu….usually you never get chance to do this) that ...“you are from education sector, why didn’t u inform me that entire India’s vacation started from 30 April?”

Apart from this blame game, in which first time I had an upper hand.
We had one more question.

What to do? Postpone our trip???
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