A 2400 km Road Trip In The Heart Of Incredible India, Madhya Pradesh

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Day 4 Part 1

This was the 4th Day of our Road Trip To Madhya Pradesh. We got up early at 4.30 AM and everybody was ready by 5.30 AM. Our Gypsy arrived at the Tiger Inn Resort, Tala at 5.40, the driver took us to the Safari Booking Interpretation Centre for Picking up the Guide from there. All Gypsy start from the Interpretation Centre , Tala.
we had booked the Khitauli Zone which is the core zone in Bandhavgarh National Park. Our safari started at 6 AM. We reached the Khitauli zone Gate where our original documents were checked. After documents verification we were allowed to go inside the Zone.




After having some good sighting of the wildlife we reached the Mid Point Khitauli Zone at 9 AM. The mid point has some snack shop to have a little breakfast. There was maggie, pakodas, omlet etc in the shop. We had some pakodas which were good in taste.


After having some snacks we again started out safari ahead.




The safari experience was amazing as if we did not saw the Tiger but the wildlife we saw in Khitauli Zone was amazing.

Bandhavgarh National Park ( Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve) is in Umaria District, Madhya Pradesh. It is the best Tiger Reserve in India for the sighting of Tiger, due to the highest density of Tiger's. The density of the tiger population at Bandhavgarh is one of the highest known in India. Bandhavgarh National Park has 3 core zone's which are Tala, Magadhi & Khitauli Zone. The best zone is Magadhi but other zone's Tala & Khitauli are also good for tiger seighting. There is a Morning & Evening Safari in Bandhavgarh National Park everyday. The Booking for the Gypsy car can be done online. The booking per seat in Gypsy can also be done online.
For Booking link is

We did morning safari in Khitauli Zone & evening safari in Maghadi Zone. We did our booking from this site for which we paid Rs 1500 online and the rest we paid at the booking counter at Interpretation centre, Tala (Bandhavgarh National Park). Total safari booking charges for full Gypsy (6 person)
Online Rs 1500
Counter Rs2980
Total = Rs 4480

The Booking Counter at Tala opens at 5 AM for morning safari & 1 PM for evening safari for the tatkal booking of Gypsy at the booking counter directly for the next safari. There are only 6 Gypsy available for tatkal booking at counter, 2 Gypsy in each zone. Counter also opens at 7 PM for online booking conformation.

The nearest Railway Station is Umaria which is 32 Kms from Tala has a direct Train from Delhi. The nearest airport is Jabalpur which is 165 Kms from Tala.

There are many Resort & Hotel in Bandhavgarh. The best is to book online in advance because the main market of Tala (Bandhavgarh National Park) is very small and it's not easy to find hotel directy there. We stayed at Tiger Inn Resort which is 500 Meter from Tala Gate. The room charge was Rs 1500 including Breakfast. There are not any Restaurant in the Tala market, So prefer all meal's in your Hotel or Resort. Though the market of Tala is very small but still it has a wineshop :-D.

The Best Season for Tiger sighting is from March to June.

You can also watch my Vlog on Khitauli Zone here :). If you enjoyed the video then Consider Subscribing To My YouTube Channel.

To be continued.....Next Part on Magadhi Zone Safari in which we had great sighting of the Tiger.
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Day 4 Part 2

After our Khitauli Zone safari we reached our resort at 11 AM. We saw good wildlife in Khitauli Zone but we were not lucky to have the Tiger sighting.
We did our breakfast at 11.30 AM in our resort, After having breakfast I straightaway went to the Interpretation Centre, Tala for the tatkal booking of the safari. It was 12 PM when I reached booking center. The booking center open's at 1 PM for the tatkal booking of the safari. The counter opened at 1 PM and I was lucky that there was nobody at the booking center for the booking, So I easily got my prefered Safari Zone. The best Zone for Tiger sighting is Magadhi Zone which I booked for the evening Safari. I paid Rs 4000 for the booking of complete Gypsy, It is Rs 80 less than online booking because when you book online the online charges are there which is Rs 80.
The Gypsy reached our resort at 2.45 PM, The driver took us to the Interpretation centre, Tala to pickup the Guide.


We reached Magadhi Zone at 3 PM.





We had a really great sighting of the Tiger in the Magadhi Zone.





After completing our safari we reached our resort at 6.30 PM. We were so tired after doing 2 safari in a day. We had dinner at 8 PM and straightaway went to bed.

You can also watch my Vlog on Magadhi Zone. If you enjoyed the video then Consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel