A 2400 km Road Trip In The Heart Of Incredible India, Madhya Pradesh

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Day 6 Part II

After Bee Falls, We went to Satpura Adventure club which was on the way to our Restaurant where we had lunch. It was closed due to very less tourist in Pachmarhi. You can enjoy various adventure sports at the club.



The next spot which we explored was Reechgarh. The rock cut caves at Reechgarh are stunning. The place has got it's name from the word bear which is called reech in hindi.



After Reechgarh We had lunch at the Greendale Restaurant. The restaurant had a really good vibes to it and the food was also palatable. We had chinese food, the quality of the food was good and the price were also reasonable.




After having lunch we rested for some time at the garden next to restaurant. At about 4 PM we started our journey towards our last destination of the day Dhupgarh. Dhupgarh is the highest point in the whole of satpura range. Its height is 1350 Mtr above sea level. There is a sunrise point and sunset point at Dhupgarh.




Highest Point of Satpura Range


There is a small canteen at the Dhupghar where we had tea with some snacks.

There is a colonial building at Dhoopgarh which is now converted into a Museum. The Museum has paintings of various beautiful spots of Pachmarhi.

The sunset at the Dhupgarh was not visible clearly due to haze on that day, you should be lucky to have clear weather to see the beautiful sunset at the Dhupgarh.


Other tourist spots which you can see in Pachmarhi by your own vehical are:
Jatashankar Temple, Gupt Mahadev, Chauragarh, Handi Khoh, Rajat Prapat etc.

There are many hotels in Pachmarhi. There are budget, mid range & luxury hotels available in Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi has many restaurants but the best are Greendale & Rasoi restaurant.
Nearest Railway station is Piparya which is about 60 Kms & Nearest Airport is Bhopal which is 190 Kms from Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi has a Bus Stand which well connect with various towns.

The best season to visit Pachmarhi is during monsoon or just after monsoon because there are many waterfalls during this season.

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Day 7
Today 20 March 2020 We travelled from Pachmarhi To Bhopal Via Bhimbetka rock shelters. The route which we took was Pachmarhi - Pipariya - Hoshangabad - Bhimbetka - Bhopal. The distance was 200 Kms.
After having Breakfast we started our journey, We reached Bhimbetka around 1 PM. Actually all tourist spots were closed on that day due to corona. We had Lunch at the Highway Treat Bhimbetka. The food was nice and it was a good option to have Lunch as there are less restaurants on this route.



After having lunch we covered the next 40 Kms till Bhopal in about 1.30 Hrs because the road after the Obaidullaganj to Bhopal was in bad shape due to road widening work going on.
We booked our Hotel La Pearl from FabHotels site for only Rs 900 which is a steal deal as the Hotel was really nice for this price.




We reached our Hotel La Pearl at 4 PM. We rested in the hotel all evening. At 8 PM We went for the Dinner at Sagar Gaire Restaurant which is one the best fast food chains of Bhopal, you can also call it the Haldiram's of Bhopal. The quality of the food is amazing and the price is really inexpensive. We ordered Veg Biryani, Masala Dosa & Cheese Burger. The food was Palatable.





This was the end of Day 7.

You can also watch my Vlog for this day

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Day 8
21 March 2020
This day we were to xplore Bhopal city but as you know due to the corona all the sites in Bhopal were closed. So we changed our plans started our journey towards Delhi. We reached Gwalior on this day as we travelled 410 Kms from Bhopal To Gwalior, the route was Bhopal - Berasia - Janjali - Guna - Shivpuri - Gwalior. It took us 8.30 Hours to reach Gwalior. The road condition between Bhopal and Gwalior is good with some small bad patches between Berasia to Janjali. The road was in bad condition near Shivpuri but it is a small stretch otherwise the road is good. As it was also all sites were closed in Gwalior also We just stayed in our Hotel for rest of the Day. But If you go to Bhopal then the places to Xplore are
# Upper Lake & Lower Lake
# Manuabhan Tekri
# Cave Temple
# Taj Ul Masajid
# Van Vihar National Park
# Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum
# Sanchi Stupa is 60 Kms from Bhopal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 9
22 March 2020
This the day of janta curfew, We were really worried as if we can travel on this day or not but thank God, We traveled from Gwalior to Delhi on this Day Easily. The distance between Gwalior to Delhi is 325 Kms which we covered in just 4 hours 15 minutes only as the there were almost no vehicle on the road.

I have also made a Madhya Pradesh Road Trip Itinerary Video, after watching this video it will be really easy for you to plan your Madhya Pradesh Trip