A day trip to Sariska and Alwar


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Hello everyone,
This is the log of my recent trip (10 Dec) to Sariska with family.

Planned to do a Delhi to Sariska - day trip in my i10 with family
It was a very impromptu decision hence not much time was spent in doing in-depth planning.

Started at 7 am from Delhi on a chilly winter morning. Though I would have loved to start atleast an hour earlier. Very limited fog on NH8.
Fastag worked flawlessly at the Manesar toll plaza.
Reached Dharuhera at 8.15 am. No major traffic encountered.
From Dharuhera, turned left to take Bhiwadi - Alwar State highway.
Paid toll 70 rs. in Cash at Bhiwadi. No fastag on toll plazas at this SH. If you pay toll till alwar (i.e. 70 rs.) then do ensure to keep the slip safe as the same will be valid for showing at next two toll plazas till Alwar.

Bhiwadi to Alwar is a 4 lane highway.
Road condition is good but it passes through few villages/ towns and hence there were a lot of speed breakers throughout the SH till Alwar. Also, a lot of local people seem to have a habit of coming from the wrong side so one has to be very careful while driving.

Reached Alwar at 10.00 am. The route from Alwar to Sariska is a single road and is not in best of shapes. Had potholes and rough patches all along.

Reached Sariska Gate at 10.45 am.
Had breakfast at RTDC Tiger Den hotel which is right at the entry gate. Was expecting a typical govt. reply that b/f timing was over but it felt great when they said yes to providing us the breakfast. B/f (Poori Bhaji) was average in taste but the tea was good.
The toilets were miserable though.

After b/f, went to the ticket counter and took private car entry ticket for Rs. 275/-. Paid nothing extra for DSLR or Go pro.
Since it was tuesday, the private cars are allowed up to the Pandupol Temple which is around 20 kms from the entry gate. They give u a token and a receipt and u have to return the token while exiting. The road inside the park was not tarred and was almost a dirt track. Couldnot exceed over 20Kmph. For the first few kms, didnt encounter any animals what so ever. However after some time, peacocks and Langoors started to appear in groups on the sides of the road. These were occasionally accompanied by wild pigs, few deers and cheetals.

At around mid way, there is a diversion wherein one fork goes to the tehla gate and left fork goes to the pandupol temple. So in case u are planning to go to Bhangarh, u have to take the fork going towards tehla gate and exit from there else u can come back via the same track to exit from Sariska Gate.

Reached Pandupol temple at 1 pm. Finding a spot for car parking is bit of a challenge due to the usual rush of devotees on tuesday and saturdays. Managed to find some space to park the car and went inside the temple.
A lot of monkeys are there at the temple entry loking to snatch food items so better to keep your belongings carefully.

After visiting the temple, started our return journey at 1.30 pm. We were thinking of going to Bhangarh but decided to skip it as we had limited time on hand.

We instead decided to visit the Siriserh lake at Alwar on our return journey. Reached the lake around 3.45 PM. There is an entry charge of Rs. 100 per person if u plan to go for boating/ visit the RTDC hotel lake palace. Kids were allowed without tickets. At the hotel, you can take either a cold drink or a coffee or a mineral water bottle in lieu of each entry ticket.

For boating, the entry is from the hotel itself and you have to climb down a lot of stairs to reach the lake. A motor boat costed around Rs. 800 for a 15 minutes trip across the lake.

The lake was very serene and was surrounded by the mountains It was already evening time and fog was setting in, giving the lake a very surreal look.
The lake is deep and also has a few crocodiles as told by the boatman. We also managed to have a look at a small baby crocodile.

After the boat ride, we went to the hotel restaurant and ordered some snacks and tea. The restaurant also has some sitting area in the open and u can enjoy your tea with a mesmerising view of the lake. The only downside was they were also allowing bunch of local guys to have their beer in the restaurant instead of asking them to sit in the bar which was downstairs.

At around 5 pm, started for Delhi and took the same route from Alwar to Bhiwadi to Dharuhera to Delhi.

Reached Dharuhera at around 7.15 pm and was welcomed by a massive traffic jam as usual at Gurgaon. Managed to reach our home in west delhi at around 9.30 pm.

All in all, it was a day well spent though I would have loved to cover Alwar fort and Bhangarh fort but since we didnt have much time so we left these for some other time.

Total kms driven - around 440
Toll paid - 270 Rs.

Few clicks from the trip are attached.

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