A 'Holi' Ride to Frozen Spiti


This is my first travelogue although I traveled very much in the country between 1998-2006, particularly on my bike and car.

The idea of riding again started biting me way back in 2013 when I shifted to Gwalior, my hometown and I was often thrilled by seeing my old machine Honda Unicorn in porch and gather some old memories with that. Since then I have worked a lot on this bike, in fact cancelled my trip many times due to some defect or other. Actually, I was preparing for a pure winter ride to Spiti on Unicorn but wasn't sure about its starting trouble due to engine rebore. Overall, I'm happy with the performance all along by this 11 year old machine.
Here is my itinerary and few pics to provide acceleration to this post.

March 20 Gwalior - New Delhi
March 21 New Delhi - Shimla ( stayed few km before Shimla)
March 22 Shimla - Rampur
March 23 Rampur - Pooh
March 24 Pooh - Kaza
March 25 Kaza and around
March 26 Kaza - Spello
March 27 Spello - Shimla (stayed after Shimla)
March 28 Shimla - New Delhi
March 29 New Delhi - Gwalior