A 'Holi' Ride to Frozen Spiti


Hello again,
As always, thought to start early morning, but got late and after some final packing, tying up of bags with the help of my father and after taking his best wishes and blessings left Gwalior at 1300 hrs.

First and only pic of the Day 1, at the outskirt of Gwalior after a tankful at a petrol pump.

My luggage was on a little higher side than normally needed due to some extra spares and tools, essential for such trips and must for this considerably old bike that was leaking oil from a bolt located on block head !! After a quick search I zeroed upon a Viaterra Claw tail bag and booked it online. For heavy spares and engine oil I bought a regular type canvas ‘side bag’ but fixed it on the left side of the bike (reason later some time). The plan was simple, trust people, leave spare parts, tools, engine oil, etc. in the side bag itself at night and enter only with one bag into the hotel/guest house.

Mounting and un-mounting tail bag (Viaterra Claw) was an easy and time saving job.


Clipping a waist pouch on handlebar in addition to one on my waist was proved a wise decision as it came handy and safe for electronics devices.

Two days before leaving I got a call from my cousin resides in Delhi showing his interest to join this trip from Delhi to Shimla on his bike. I happily agreed and decided to stay at his place in Delhi so we can start early at the morning. After riding solo in almost good weather of March I entered Delhi late at evening, but finding routes in Delhi is not an easy job but my foresighted arrangements played a key role here. I had made a few arrangements in my bike to mount a mobile phone on the handle which can be used as a GPS and also for recording videos on the fly! I have fixed a 12 volt socket in the headlight fairing for charging devices and an old waist pouch is used to keep mobile, power bank in it for charging during ride, is tied in the handlebar. Now you can think it was an easy job to find Ankit’s (my cousin) place, but reaching there was a bit tiresome in peak hour traffic. Safely landed to his place at 2045 hrs, planned a few things for the next day, had dinner and go to sleep very late at night as we were packing for him after deciding to drive till Narkanda next day.


Sorry guys, getting late due to some reasons. I'm very eager to share my journey here. Will try at the earliest.