A lonely traveler in the hidden Valleys of Himachal.


Tirthan Valley

I got down from Delhi- Manali Himsuta Volvo at Aut in the early morning at 5AM, It was March 2019. It was still dark and was drizzling too. I saw one light in front of an ATM booth. I took out a rolled news paper to spread and sit in front of it. Suddenly three large hill dogs came running, one snatched my newspaper, the other two started sniffing my bags. I went into the ATM booth. After few minutes the burglar alarm of the booth started ringing. I came out. The dogs were waiting outside. It was pretty cold. I started shivering half with fear half for cold. Cars and trucks were passing by in speed. Suddenly I saw a car was coming down through an unmetaled road, it slowed down to turn. I shouted with all my might, " Help! Help! I have to go to Banjar, I am waiting for any public transport. These dogs are following me. " The door of the car opened, and a man asked me to enter into the car. They took me to a nearby tea stall, offered me a cup of tea, they had their morning tea there and went away. I kept on sitting in the shop. I had my breakfast there. The shop owner said the bus might come after 8AM. He arranged a car for me which was a taxi that distribute newspaper in the morning on his way to Banjar. From Banjar bus stand I went to Sairopa. Sairopa is a picturesque place. I stayed in a home stay. I went to Sojha then. I wanted to trek to Serolsar lake but there was 6 feet snow so that plan was abandoned. I could not reach to Jaloripass top also because of snow.


Anybody, even a person like me with slow reflex can take photos of Magpie in Tirthan Valley


Entrance of Himalayan National Park and forest rest house.


Newly married Kullu woman who was going to cross Jalori pass by walking 3/4 kilometer to get the shared jeep for Rampur.


Hazy Dhauladhar Range




Parvati Valley

I reached Parvati valley from Bhuntar in one afternoon, it was drizzling, I opened my umbrella and started walking towards the road of Manikaran. I did not want to stay at the market. I got a nice hotel in front of Parvati river. I took some photographgs and roamed around. In the evening I went to the market to taste some Israeli food. There I met a tourist who asked me if I wanted to go to Malana. I said I wanted to go to Tosh, not Malana because someone warned me that Malana was not suitable for solo female traveler. The beauty of Kasol was really hypnotizing. At night it started raining heavily. In the morning after breakfast I saw that the intensity of raining decreased a bit. I left Kasol taking a bus from the front of my hotel.

I reached Manikaran. I took a shared jeep from Manikaran. It reached Barsaini. There was another person who also wanted to go to Tosh. So I shared with him and reached tosh. When we reached there it was raining with sleet. I crossed the bridge and asked at the first hotel for accommodation. The person said they did not have attached toilet. Then I asked the next, their establishment was closed. the third one accommodated me. They were nice to me, their Israeli food was also good. There was no electricity that day due to heavy rain. The whole day it rained. I spent the day sitting lazily beside the fire place. In the evening it started snowing. It snowed heavily. I had my early dinner and slept. The morning was sunny and beautiful with white cover of snow. I visited the temple of Jamdagni. At 10AM I left Tosh with 3 keralite boys. They dropped me at the dam on Parvati river.

I took a porter guide to reach Kalga. It was one and half kilometer uphill trek approximately from the dam. I had to go to a bit interior of the village to get a homestay with attach bathroom. Kalga was beautiful. I wanted to walk around the village but I did not dare to do so because of too much ice. My home stay owner and his wife were very congenial. When I left next day they arranged me porter and arranged my conveyance up to Barsiani.







to be continued
Manikaran , Barot and Rewalsar :

Mandi and Prasar Lake
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Thanks for taking us to the land of snow white and six quadrupeds. Saw the wonderful blog of yours through the links posted here.

We could go to Barot only in HP, and that too was not fully explored. You also had been there. So my question before you Jhumka - if you were to visit those valleys of HP again, then where you'll go first, then second, and so on. Asking you to assign them numbers based on their beauty and your experience, so that we can plan future tours accordingly. :)
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Thanks for taking us to the land of snow white and six quadrupeds.

We could go to Barot only in HP, and that too was not fully explored. You also had been there. So my question before you Jhumka - if you were to visit those valleys of HP again, then where you'll go first, then second, and so on. Asking you to assign them a numbering system based on their beauty and your experience, so that we can plan future tours accordingly. :)
Thank you @ mousourik, your appreciation and travelogue inspired me to write this travelogue.
It is difficult for me to say that way. I started travelling late. So I do not think of repeating to visit places that I have already visited. I have lot more new places to cover till I get completely crippled. I would love to go to Kalga in another season and stay for some days and roam in Pulga and Tulga, I can not undertake trek so I can not think to trek Keerganga. There are many more places that I like to visit again, specially in different seasons. Beauty of the places in Himalayas are different in the different season. I like go to Auli in winter. I would like to stay few days in Udaipur too. I also want to go back to Harsil once again. I want to stay few days again in Munshiyari. Another place I liked is Khirshu. I liked Dhanaulti too. I want to go again to Valley of flowers. I want to visit Prasar lake when it will be green completely. I want to visit Dzongu again, etc etc etc. Most places of the interior of Himalayas captivate me with their beauty. I visited Kashmir 3 times. I did not feel boring. I want to visit again Lakshadwip also. I like tranquil places where I can enjoy nature, I enjoy the interaction with locals who are also a part of the place. The fact that I love traveling. Probably I said too much :D:D:p :p :p:p

About me : The Journey Begins
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Awesome captures, kalga is really beautiful much better than Tosh IMO, I too came back from kalga last week itself and this is indeed one of the best places I visited in my life .. thanks again !


@patang Well, I wanted to know which of the Himachal valleys you'll put at top of the must-watch list, then which one ... It'll be a rough guide for prioritization. Leave it if it's too complicated. :)
If you just want to enjoy greenery, Tirthan and Parvati both are the good. If you want to enjoy nude beaty of mountain go Spiti. That has a different beauty.


Manikaran , Barot and Rewalsar :

I went to Manikaran from Barsaini by a car sharing with three boys of Chandigarh who were going to Kasol from Tosh. Manikaran is famous for Hot spring, Gurdwara Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Shiv Manir and Naina Bhagbati mandir . At Manikarn I stayed in a hotel which had bathroom with the facility of bathing in bath tubs full of hot spring water. I enjoyed a nice bath there. Then after having lunch I walked around the market and visited the temples. I went to the Gurdwara in the evening and had dinner there. I payed some tribute in the donation box. I always do so whenever I visit any gurdwara because I see how generously they feed poor people. Next day I took bus from the bus stand and went to Mandi. From Mandi I took another bus for Barot valley. In this trip I faced a lot of rain and snow because due to late retreating monsoon, this year it rained a lot in the second half of March which was not expected by me. By the way I reached Barot when it was raining heavily, but whenever I went in Himalayas Shiv ji always came in disguise to rescue me. This time the help came from a local girl who took me to a homestay. It was a nice stay at Barot. I spent there two nights. Then I went to Rewalsar via Mandi. Rewalsar is a Buddhist as well as Sikh pilgrimage. There are lots of Tibetians in Rewalsar. There is a lake in the middle of Rewalsar which is full of fish. There are several Buddhist Monasteries.


Naina Bhagbati Mandir


Shiv Parvati Mandir


Pilgrims cooking DalChawal prasad in the hot spring of Shiv Parvati Mandir


Rice cooked in hot spring for the langar


Inside the Gurdwara


Barot :

Trout Fish


Rewalsar :






He is actually she :D :p



Taken from the bus at Ghatasani.


Tirthan Valley
Parvati Valley

Mandi and Prasar Lake
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Very nice.

1. What was the hotel at Manikaran?
2. What and where is the green roofed house at Barot? It looks so lovely.