A Long Weekend Trip to Vengurla and Tarkarli


Fantabulous Pics .. Keep posting..
Nice start and awesome pictures. Now waiting for update on Tarkarli leg of the trip.

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Welcome to BCMT...Awesome Pics of Beautiful Konkan :rolleyes:
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ohh very nice to know about this nice place..surely going to visit soon.
Nice pics making you fresh, Thanks. welcome to the forum and wishes for seasons greetings.

(roughly how much i have to pay for a night in Sagar holiday resort, any idea?)
Thanks Raj!! I think it should cost around 1700/- for a double room.

Beautiful pictures and nice write-up ��. Welcome to BCMT. Waiting for the next update.
Absolutely stunning pictures of beautiful beaches and surrounding. This is turning out to be a century on debut ��
Ohh..I'm floored by your comments ..thank you, Sachin!! Actually, I have been a spectator for long and by reading through many travelogues on BCMT finally decided to write one.


Day 2 Continued- Houseboat and Tarkarli -

So after spending some time at the Paradise Beach we headed towards Malavan or Tarkarli. We were expecting the road to be good as generally roads in Kokan are good however, the project of building a new airport at Sindhudurg is going on and there are a lot of diversions that are created. This has resulted in bad roads/ detours and a bumpy ride till Malvan city.

A bridge on Karli river just before you reach Malvan-



At Tarkarli the idea was to book MTDC resort as it offers great views of sea and easy accessibility to the beach. However, since it was completely booked well in advance we went ahead and booked the MTDC houseboat. The lunch was ready for us and in fact the houseboat people called us and informed not to have lunch outside as the lunch has been included in our package :)

The lunch although veg was very good.


Personally as an accommodation I somehow didn't like the houseboat (may be the rooms are too cramped or whatever....) but what I like the most was sitting on deck while the boat is on move and enjoy the breeze....

A click of the boat

After lunch the boat goes towards the backwaters of river. They claim that the boat goes inside the river backwaters up to 6 Km..but trust me its not true..anyways..

the boat is supposed to hang around in the backwaters after travelling so that we can enjoy the views..

The other boat which started earlier than ours and was anchored in the middle of the backwaters

However, our boat didn't anchor as even before we could travel deep into the backwaters the the clouds gathered..and that lead to a U-turn..back to square one ASAP :(

But while returning we were heading towards sea-shore..we could experience this...

Like I told you all of us liked the boat when its moving..as soon as it anchored at its original place we went out for a stroll on the Tarkarli beach..

We enjoyed good sunset views -


Just after sometime-


We also witnessed the visarajan of maa durga on the beach -




And after the visarjan we also went back to our boat. I must appreciate the sumptuous dinner served on the boat. We had both non-veg and veg food. it was really good. Please note that the caterer providing the food on MTDC houseboats is not the same one who runs the canteen at MTDC resort. There is a sea difference in quality.

Day 3 to continue..


Nice pictures again. Which camera �� and equipment do you use?
Thank you Sachin . I use a Nikon 3100 DSLR along with a Tamron 17-50 2.8 lens. (Sometimes I rent out different lenses if required)

You enjoyed 'Mazaa' of Kashmir in Maharashtra, good
Raj, Not sure of it as I am yet enjoy houseboat on Dal or Nageen Lake but what Im sure of is that we enjoyed the maza of Kerala, as all boats are built based upon Kerala boats and the staff was initially trained in Kerala.

Superb captures and Amazing pictures.

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Thanks Tuzusun. Was away at native place for Diwal back just today, so will post the last leg of trip in couple of days.

Lovely Tlog
Lovely Captures.
Thanks Harjeev , sanuroxz


Santosh Swaminathan
Thanks for Introducing a new place to me... Will include it in my to-do list... Enjoyed your pics. especially the sun rise and fishing ones...