A New Year Ride to Rann of Kutch

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    Prologue : It's new year and i have to make resolution... This time i mean to keep it.. So i made mine..

    Trip to Rann of Kutch was long on my mind and what better time to accomplish it than new year.
    The Overview :
    On January 1st 2017 I made a my personal high score in riding solo by covering 1003km starting at 6:00am in morning from Noida reaching Ahmadabad at 11::00pm. :lol:

    _DSC0169 (2).jpg

    I reached my friends home at Ahmadabad and they were in shock like they saw ghost to see me on bike :bear:
    As it was meant to be a surprise for them, I haven't told them that i was coming on bike :razz:

    From Ahmadabad i took my friend as my pillion and headed towards gandhidham to stay at another friends place. From Gandhidham we moved to our destination Rann of Kutch and back to gandhidham.

    _DSC0309 (2).jpg

    My friend went back to ahmedabad from there and I came to Mount Abu.
    Finally from Mount Abu to Noida.\\:D/

    _DSC0178 (2).jpg
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