A O Camping Gardens - Sumur, Nubra, Ladakh


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This is a small GH with just 4 rooms and a really helpful and cheerful owner "Thupka". Just when you enter the Sumur Village this GH is located on left side of the road just a couple of houses down...

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http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/935933869/
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/935926377/

Lots of flowers, fantastic views of snow clad mountains and a beautiful cow. Also there is a shop nearby that sells a really strong blend of Old Monk - Specially prepared for Army... Enjoy
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I forget to say

They charge Rs. 250/- for Double Bed "Really Clean One" Room with Bathroom Attached with Western type toilet...

Also he makes some really good punjabi and chinese food...


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^^seems like a pretty place

OT:Dude i went thru your pics on flicker.I wanted to inquire abt paragliding.Did you do paragliding by yourself or you were strapped on the to a pilot like it happens in western [email protected] you undergo any kinda training for that.


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I would definitely love to do it some day, but as of now i was hanging there with a pilot...

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Looks like a nice and clean place, but are you sure the owners name is Thupka? I don't want any one getting beaten up for calling him that!


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Kothari, i hope you are not confusing his name with a Tibetian dish, Thupka, that's popular in these parts...