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My mother introduced me to the culinary world way back in 1968. To be very frank I had only partially enjoyed it then, for I always used to feel that I could never match my mother's cooking :rolleyes: However, over the last more than 40 years now, I have enloyed cooking for my family, relatives and many friends.​

I took up creation of this thread on the insistence of my daughters who firmly believe that no one can surpass their mom when it comes to cooking :grin: I however find it very difficult to believe them in this regard, and know that this is nothing but nothing-like-mother's-cooking syndrome :)

As far as my husband is concerned, he always leaves his plate empty and shining at the end of every meal and I consider that as a silent compliment from him :)

Let me see how far I can fulfill my daughters' wishes of an online cookbook by their mother...​

I chose BCMTouring for this beacause this is the best forum I have seen so far with respect to sharing experiences and the friendly atmosphere that prevails here.​

Please stay tuned to this while I come back with my recipes and pictures.:)


  1. Shahi Narkel Naadus--page no 1
  2. Maangsher Ghugni--page no 3
  3. Jackfruit Sabji--page no 4
  4. Quick Mutton Biryani--page no 5
  5. Aam porar Sharbat--page no 6
  6. Maggi-Mincd Mutton--page no 7
  7. Khichuri--page no 8
  8. Egg Devil--page no 9
  9. Caramel Pudding--page no 10
  10. Bhapa Ilish--page no 11
  11. Doi Patal--page no 12
  12. Pomfret Maachher Jhaal--page no 12
  13. Daal-Tdka--page no 13
  14. Fish in orange Juice--page no 14
  15. Upma--page no 15
  16. Chicken curry in Green Spice paste--page no 17
  17. Chingri Maachher Jhol--page no 18
  18. Aam-tomato Chaatni--page no 20
  19. Jackfruit Cutlet--page no 21
  20. Mushroom-Capsicum Curry--page no 23
  21. Sweet & Sour Fish/Maachher Tauk--page no 24
  22. Mutton-Keema Parota--page no 26
  23. Lau-Kucho chingri/Botle gourd cooked with small prawns--page no 27
  24. Cholar Dal/Chana Dal--page no 28
  25. Aloor Dum--page no 32
  26. Matarsuntir Kachuri/ Kachuri stuffed with Green peas filling--page no 32
  27. Doodh-Puli--page no 34
  28. Penne Pasta with chicken pieces and vegetables--page no 35
  29. Soya - Veg Cutlets--page no 36
  30. Fish Balls--page no 37
  31. Mutton Keema Steak--page no 37
  32. Shahi Tukra--page no 40
  33. Kasha Mangsho-- page no 41

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Recipe#1 – Shahi Naarkel naadus

I think I am now ready to share my recipes with all of you who have been waiting patiently for me to do so :grin:
Being a Bengali, I always welcome guests with sweets prepared by me that are loved by my family as well. So, even today, I will share a simple yet delicious sweet dish with all of you.
These are – Shahi coconut balls aka Naarkel naadu – naarkel meaning coconut, and naadu meaning laddu, in Bengali :)
For these you will require:
· Coconut – 1(grated)
· Sugar – 1 cup
· Small Cardamom (Elaichi) – 10 – powdered (without skin)
· Milk khoa – 3/4 cup
· Raisins (Kismis) – 15 – stick removed, wiped with a clean cloth, but not washed
· Cashew Nuts (Kaju) – 15 – chopped into fine pieces
· Ghee or any refined vegetable oil (white oil) –1 table spoon – for greasing plate and palms

Ranchi-5 036.jpg

Step 1: Mix the grated coconut and the sugar thoroughly.
Step 2: Transfer this mixture to a cooking vessel (kadaai) and put it on low flame, stirring it constantly so that it does not stick in the pan. Ensure that the white color of the mixture does not turn brown!

Ranchi-5 037.jpg

Step 3: After around 15-20 minutes, when you notice that the mixture has started turning slightly dry, and has started to separate out from pan’s surface, add khoa to it, and also sprinkle the raisins, chopped cashews, cardamom powder over it, mixing thoroughly. After this remove the vessel from the flame.
Step 4: Grease a plate with the ghee or refined vegetable oil (white oil) and grease your palms too :cool:
Step 5: You are now ready for the final step! While the mixture is sufficiently hot to be binded into balls, yet not so hot to burn your hands (be careful!), make small balls of it by taking 2 tablespoons of this mixture at a time in your palm. As you make the coconut balls, arrange them on the greased plate. No decoration is required, as the simple beauty will be appreciated!

Ranchi-5 038.jpg

Now the naadus will be soft but after a couple of hours they will solidify.
Have fun!!!
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