A pictographic journal of my tried, tested & appreciated recipes


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Re: Recipe#1 – Shahi Naarkel naadus

Welcome to the forum(seems i had missed this thread somehow).And thanks for the recipes in advance.I'm hooked to the thread and will love to try my hand with some veg dishes myself.:rolleyes:
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Re: A pictographic journal of my tried, tested & appreciated recipes

I'll definitely try. Though Durgapuja is veg time for us, but I'll try to post something easy to cook fish recipe.
Thanks :)

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eddy requested for a easy fish recipe for kids:)

Recipe no:30

Fish balls

As we don’t eat non-veg items during Durgapuja days, so I’m posting the recipe only. But it is so easy to cook that you can do it without seeing the pictures.:)
Take 5to6 pieces of Rahu fish. Steam these with salt for 4to5 minutes. Then de-bone the fish pieces. Mix these fishes with small pieces of Onion, Green chilli and Coriander leaves. Add 2or3 pieces of bread to it. Add salt as required. Add 1 teaspoon Garammasala powder and ½ teaspoon of Black Pepper powder. But, as we are preparing Fish-ball for kids a lesser amount of green chilli and pepper can be used.;) Mix thoroughly all these to make dough. Divide the dough into small and equal pieces. Shape these into small balls.

Take 2eggs; beat them with salt and a little pepper powder. Heat white oil in a pan. Dip the balls into the Egg mixture and fry the balls one or two at a time in medium heat till golden brown. Fry all.

Serve these with tomato sauce or coriander chutney. Kids and everybody will love it.:grin:
Have fun!!!
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Thanks Purbhasha. We will wait for the pics, no hurry :)

Although I eat, but am not allowed to cook non-veg at home during navaratras so will have to wait till the next weekend.

Couple of questions on the recipe :

1- How to steam the fish ?
2- Can I not buy deboned raw fish ?

As a fish, is it rich in Vit D ? Thats the main reason I want to feed fish to my daughter :)


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Anup Ji, wait for the Durga Puja to be over when Purbasha starts cooking non-veg. Or maybe, some enterprising cook might try this recipe and post images of his own version!


Durga pujo is over now and Deepavali is just a few weeks away. Purbasha, we all need "with pictures" non-veg items recipes :) I am very tempted to post pictures of all that I made during Durga Pujo with your online "Tech Support", but believe me none of the pictures will match your quality of preparation / presentation, so resisting the temptation :)
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sorry I couldn't provide the pictures:(

You can steam the fish pieces using cooker and the separator or you can simply boil the fish piece in a pan for 5 minutes.
You can buy deboned fish, but you have to steam or boil the fish pieces before you mix all the ingredients:)
Fish contains Vit D but I think Sun rays/ Sunlight is the best source of Vit D.

Anup Ji, wait for the Durga Puja to be over when Purbasha starts cooking non-veg. Or maybe, some enterprising cook might try this recipe and post images of his own version!
Sir, I too wait for some enterprising cook to post in my journal, like ashi1pmc(page27,posted on23-10-12) and antarctica (page33, posted on 19-12-12):)

you are welcome to post pictures of all that you made during Durgapuja in my journal:)

Soon I'll post a non-veg recipe which I prepared in Diwali.
I'll love to share with all my BCMtian friends:)


Recipe No:31

Mutton Keema Steak

Mutton Keema Steak is a dish which is liked by my family with tea or coffee. It can be served as starter also.
Mutton Keema Steak is very easy to cook.
The ingredients required for the steak are as follows:




  • Minced Mutton Keema – 250 gms
  • Onion – 1(cut into fine pieces)
  • Potato -2 medium size(boiled)
  • Green Chillies – 4to5 no or more (finely chopped)
  • Ginger – 2”(Cut into fine pieces)
  • Coriander leaves – 1 fistful( finely chopped)
  • Black Pepper Powder – 1 tspoon
  • Eggs – 2 or more
  • Soya sauce – 2to3 tspoon
  • Ginger Paste – 1 tspoon
  • Bread – 2 slices
  • White oil – as required for frying
  • Salt –as required
  • Garammasala powder – 1tspoon

1st step:
Clean the Keema and boil it in water with salt till done. Use water as little as possible because the boiled Keema should be real dry:)


2nd step:

Mix the boiled Keema with boiled Potatoes, Bread slices, chopped Onions, Chillies, Ginger pieces and soya sauce. Add the Pepper Powder and Garammasala powder. Mix and mash thoroughly. Check the taste and add Salt as required. In this way make tight Dough.

3[SUP]rd[/SUP] step:
Divide the dough into equal pieces. Make round even balls.


4[SUP]th[/SUP] step:

Beat 2 or more egg’s white portion in a bowl. Add Ginger paste salt and pepper powder.

5[SUP]th[/SUP] step:
Now you have to heat white oil in a pan. Dip Keema ball in the Egg mixture and fry it in the hot oil, one or two at a time. Simmer the flame; fry the Keema balls in slow heat till golden brown. Place these Keema steaks on a plate. Now these steaks are ready to be served :)


6th step:
Serve the steaks with salad and Tomato sauce/ketchup.
Taste and have fun!!!:D