A pictographic journal of my tried, tested & appreciated recipes


Thank you. After long time you've visited my journal:) Use red chili powder up to your test. Anupji has given you the right direction

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you are welcome to post pictures of all that you made during Durgapuja in my journal:)
Purbasha, thanks for the invite :grin: I will not let go of this opportunity. However, nothing matches the taste of your food and the style of your presentation :)

Here you go... We enjoyed every moment of the four days - rare long-weekend with our home full of aroma of food and flowers for the festival... thanks to your telephonic tech-support :grin: I am sure BSNL would have made a neat sum over these 4 days ;)

Saptami: Breakfast - Chura pulao, Lunch - bodi poshto (with home made bodi), khajur-tomato sweet chutney, biuli (urad) daal, mixed-veg curry. Dinner - luchi & brinjal-aaloo-cauliflower sabji

Ashtami: Breakfast - Semiya kheer, luchi & aaloo-dum. Dinner - luchi & chana-daal, sweets

Navamai: Breakfast - Semiya pulao. Lunch - Rice, begun-bhaja (brinjal fry), moong-daal, aaloo-cauliflower-besan vada gravy, chutney. Dinner - luchi with papad-gravy (you must share this recipe in this forum as this is a delicacy!!!!!!) and sweets.

Dashami: (Someone lucky had a B'day too falling on this day).... Simple breakfast - tea with home-made B'day cake :D Lunch - Non-veg being allowed today, mishti pulao with seer-fish gravy made in Kerala style. Dinner - rice & mutton curry.


Bolo bolo - "Durga mataa ki JAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" aashchhe bauchhor aabaar haube (next year it will happen again!!!)
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Thank you antarctica.
Thank you for making this page of my journal colourful:)
I think now you are ++in cooking also:D
But I'm feeling very much hungry now:grin:


Welcome in my journal:)
I loved to know that you tried my recipe. I hope you enjoyed both cooking and tasting.


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I loved preparing.
and my friends including me loved tasting infact licking finger till the last drop.

I tried Mutton Biriyani and Pomfret Jhal as well.