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Thank you sanuroxz, Antarctica and mousourik for your reply.

sanourox, try this recipe., It is not that tough. Hope you'll love to prepare and love this sweet dish.
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Can we also have some on bijoya dashami this year ?
You want some on Bijoya Dashami only? Start enjoying it from Maha Shasthi, you'll love it:)


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Lovely recipes... Thanks for sharing.....

Purbasha, can you please add kasha Mangsho as well...
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Re: Recipe#1 – Shahi Naarkel naadus

WAOWW!!!! Looking so tasty that I cannot stop myself eating that.
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Hello Everybody ! Happy new year to you all and welcome geniousanupam and Rajivjain in my thread.:):)

Here is a recipe which I want to share with you and geniousanupam also requested for it.

Recipe No:33

Kasha Mangsho

Kasha Mangsho is a preparation of Mutton where the curry is thick. When this delicious dish is served with homemade hot rotis then the “Jugalbandi” is really La-Jawab. Kasha Mangsho or Dry Mutton Curry can be served with Parota or Puree also. Even simply Toasted Bread tastes heavenly with Kasha Mangsho.
Here is the recipe but let us arrange the ingredients first.

Onion --2 medium sizes (cut into small pieces)
2Onions, 1”Ginger, 15 Garlic cloves and2 large Tomatoes –Grinded together


Cumin powder – 2 teaspoon
Red Chilli Powder –2 Teaspoon
Garammasala powder – 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon
Sugar -- 1 teaspoon
Salt –up to taste
Bay leaves – 4 no
Whole dry red chilli –4 no
Whole cardamom, cinnamon and cloves each –4no
Mustard/ White oil/ Ghee – 150 ml approx.

In a cooker body place the mutton with 500 ml or more water. Throw in the whole red chillies, whole cardamoms, cinnamons, cloves and the bay leaves in it. Add salt as required. Let the cooker come to full pressure. Then in low heat cook the Mutton till soft.
Let the cooker comes down to room temperature, then separate the mutton and the stock.


Now heat oil in a Pan. Fry the onion pieces and when the onion pieces become translucent add the grinded Onion- Ginger- Garlic-Tomato paste. Add cumin Powder, turmeric, chilli poweder and Sugar. Stir and fry till the oil separates. Now add boiled mutton pieces. In low flame fry this adding the mutton stock gradually. Stir, so that it doesn’t stick at the bottom.Leave it on the slowest heat till the gravy becomes thick.


Step 4:
This is the last step:D Sprinkle the Garammasala powder on the Kasha Mangsho and serve. You can serve it with green salad, i.e. Onion ad cucumber pieces!

Eat and have fun!:)



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Thank you, Purbasha, for another simple and easy recipe! Certainly looks delicious enough to try! (But mutton prices are going higher by the day!)