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Purbasha,thank you very much for presenting this simple recipe of mutton.
Looks like,i will be able to cook mutton myself,thanks to your easy steps.:)


Many thanks for taking care of my recipe index and liking the recipe of Kasha Mangsho:)
I like to thank classicrajat,sanuroxz, cookie, oriole12, knightrider60 and narender too for liking the easy and yummy recipe of Kasha Mangsho.
You all are my inspiration:):)


Purbasha!!! Kasha Mangsho final picture is highly tempting =D> Wish I could taste some right away...

By the way, what is the matter with the font of the recipe for Kasha Mangsho (on previous page)? The font is so tiny that is barely legible. I am sure you would not have posted it this way... In fact, I saw the same problem with quite a few of your earlier recipes too which I had seen earlier in a proper font size!!! There seems to be a problem... Please check and confirm... Anup Sir being a super moderator can probably throw some light on this... Anup Sir, is there a technical glitch or some new feature that the fonts are getting auto reset to smaller sizes?