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.... There seems to be a problem... Please check and confirm... ... Anup Sir, is there a technical glitch or some new feature that the fonts are getting auto reset to smaller sizes?
Clearly there has been some auto-resetting done by this new format of the forum. I'm afraid I do not know how or why it happened. And indeed all the 'old' likes have disappeared.
I can only refer this matter to Admin @Yogesh Sarkar for further clarification.



Thanks for your reply (April 24-04-2015)

I really feel inspired when you write that my recipes are “impeccably presented”.:D

Sir, I was worried to see the small font size of my many recipes in my journal.:confused:

And now I’ve nothing to worry as you are looking after the problem.


You are visiting my journal after long time. So thanks and thanks for the help.:D

I hope soon there will be no problem. Anupji will surely do as he has suggested.


I'm here after 1 year and 1 day.
I always fondly remember my amazing and valuable fans, friends and visitors of my journal who always inspired me.
I'm Purbasha who wrote 33 recipes and received 3 likes!!
I hoped our respected Anupji will be able to solve the problem as he suggested on 11 .05.15
I still hope so.
However I wish my fans, friends sand visitors to visit my journal, try my recipes and enjoy my recipes.
And Have Fun!!!


Purbasha, as a child I had always loved your simple preparation of "magur maachh" (catfish). Please share it with all fish lovers here :prayer: