A quick trip to Badrinath, Uttarakhand

Gaurav Dutt

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Awesome Blossom log Alok Bhai...
"Grahwal Ki Rani" - Mt Neelkanth - Never fails to mesmerize us. Pure beauty.


Around 11.40 am we left the holy Badrinath town. We stopped at Vishnuprayag. Somehow I had always missed this Prayag in my all previous visits to the region. Finally, it was done this time. Thereafter, we stopped again at Pipalkoti for lunch. While crossing Rudraprayag, Manish proposed to visit Koteshwar Mahadev temple. It was around 6.00 pm and getting completely dark. I was skeptical but gave in to the demand of other three who were in unison. We crossed over to the other side of River Alaknanda and walked on the pathway towards the temple. The temple was less than half a kilometer by foot from the entrance gate. It was completely dark when we reached the temple. We asked the temple priest to show us the cave temple. The priest led us to the cave which was just above the sedate Alaknanda and left. The entire cave temple was left to our disposal. We paid our obeisance and left after half an hour. We decided to halt for the nigh at GMVN Srinagar. Fortunately we could get two rooms for us as the guest house was almost fully occupied. We took dinner in the restaurant just outside the GMVN guest house and called it a day.

lovely stream enroute
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lunch at Pipalkoti
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something for sweet-tooth
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entrance for Koteshwar Mahadev temple
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heading towards the cave temple
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it was completely dark
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inside the cave
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Beautiful captures