A small journey to a peaceful place


We were desperately in need of a trip although a short one so that we can quench the thirst of our souls. Plans made and rejected by God. Chindi was on our bucket list. I have read about its peaceful environment and beauty. HPTDC was offering off season discount too. So since January I was motivating my hubby to go out. But sometimes study pressure of kids, other times health issues were delaying us. My Daughter's exam were over on 12 March. So our plan was to be out on 12 noon. On 11th it rained heavily and we were seeing our plan again in . Prayed to Rain Gods and leave everything to Almighty and went to sleep. In the morning the day was clear. So the spirits were high. Although it was a trip just for two n a half days but enough for the time being. Booked a room for 13th at Hotel MAMLESHWAR, Chindi. Only one room was left there. So booked hurridly. Packing was done within no time (we are now experts in these types of works ). Out after lunch.