A small travelogue - Noida - Kalpa - Chitkul - Noida.


"Dhoop to hogi Safar main,
Sath chal sako to chalo,
Sabhi khade hain bheed main,
Tum bhi nikal sako to chalo"

Team, here I'm starting my Tlog of my 3rd trip to Kinnaur travelled in June 2019. But this time thr is something special in this trip. I'm traveling along with my better half my wife :-D:-D and that too by self driving\\:D/. Prior to this I hv been to Kinnaur or spiti only through public transport.

So here are some teasers--


Our executed and planned itinerary was almost same since we had only 4 days in our hand.

Day 1 planned -Greater Noida to Narkanda
Executed - Greater Noida to Theog
Day 2 Planned - Narkanda to Kalpa via sarahan
Executed- Theog to Kalpa
Day 3 Planned and executed - Kalpa to Rampur via chitkul.
Day 4 - Rampur to Greater Noida.

Travellers- Me and my wife.
Vehicle Used - Ford Eco Sports (zoomcar)
Dates of travelling- 22-25 June 2019


Day 1

Our excitement was on peak since we need to start our trip at 6 am after picking up car from zoomcar parking :-D . But as per the process of zoomcar we shud receive a text of car location in the morning and we were sitting idle and just waiting for the text ](*,). And the time is now 7 am with no text. Now it's high time, we were trying Customer care of zoomcar again and again but no positive response. Lastly we got to kw that the car we booked Eco sports is not available at the location and they offer us baleno, but we rejected the offer . [-(.

Thn after long heated argument over call they suggested us to pick the eco sports from Connaught place delhi parking.

Connaught place :Hangman: hell far from my place Greater Noida. 'Par Marta kya na karta' ,We accepted thr offer since they are reimbursing us the to and fro cab fare. But we are running short of time and it was late .[-( our plan was to reach Narkanda by evng.

Finally we got the car after all formaties at 8:30 from CP and we are on the delhi roads towards karnal bypass in no time. But but still our drive is not smooth....:-# Courtesy Zoomcar again.:sad:


Just crossed Karnal Bypass and we enjoying smooth drive over highway and selected Music is a plus plus \\:D/. As soon as I raise the speed of a car above 70-80 kmph I felt like something wrong with the steering. I stopped car and checked tyres :-k. And found everything alright. Again cruising on the highway.

We just crossed sonipat crossing and some car furiously overtook our car and waived his hand to stop our car. :cop::cop:

For a while we got worried and scared a bit :sad:. But we stopped out car roadside. Hell what went wrong now. The guy came out of his car and came near to us and told us the rear tyre of our car is bobbling and its not safe to drive the car like this.

We thanked the guy for his gesture but deeply annoyed and irritated with this situation. What to do next man, This was the big question in our mind. We parked our car to the nearby car mechanic and found the rim faulty. ](*,)](*,)](*,)](*,):Hangman:.

It's now upto me to take a decision either drive further after changing the rim with spare rim/tyre. Or go back to home. Meanwhile my wife is over the call with zoomcar guys and yelling on them on this pathetic service which cause life into the danger of thr customers. Again they suggest us to get he rim replaced with new rim and they again reimbursing the bill. And again this kills our time.

Finally we took a decision to continue our journey after changing the rim with spare rim of the car. And start our voyage from sonipat after 11:00. We are just consoling each other that we gonna enjoy rest of our trip.:goodman:.


Finally after long traffic jam at solan and shimla we make to reach Theog somewhere around 8-9 pm. And took some budget hotel of around 1000 bucks and had a relaxed sleep thr. And the long day ends here.

Day 2

We gear up for the day and planned to reach kalpa via sarahan, and started our day around 9 am from Theog after breakfast.

We stopped so many places in between.

Here are some pictures of Narkanda...