A Tale Of Expedition To Uttarakhand (Ride)

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3 Bike, 3 friends and a few thousands of miles and a lot of fun.

Bikes: 2 Yamaha R3 and one CBR 250R

Route : BLR - HYD - Nagpur - Chindwara - Kanpur- Tanakpur - Pithoragarh - Munsyari - Bageshwar - Srinagar - Rishikesh - Meerut - Aligarh - Agra - Jhansi - Sagar - Nagpur - HYD - BLR

No of days -15

Teasers for now:-D






Will be continued soon.............


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Day 1 : Blr - HYD - Kamareddy
Distance : 710 Km

The longest trip for me till date. I had dreams of this trip after it was confirmed. The group was supposed to be 5 initially which got reduced to 3 by the time we started from Bangalore.
This trip was initially scheduled from Nov 1st to Nov 15th. Due to issues with leaves we had to postpone it which was a major set back for that moment. That one month that we had to wait to get out of Bangalore was Hell.
As you are so damn excited to go on the ride and all I could think about was UK(Uttrakhand) all the time. It was toughest time for me to wait for another month. @bharath_avg was the man behind planning and collecting all the necessary details required for the trip. I would like to thank Bharath for all the help in planning this trip. Its because of him we were able go on this amazing ride.

The bikes were serviced and checked for the long haul. The most important aspect was to purchase thermals. The temperatures in UK were never in double digits when we checked and on top of that we were riding.
Purchased 2 sets of thermals from Decathlon and I had thought it would be sufficient:lol:. One saddle bag(cramster colt) and one tank bag( Rynox optimus) which was used as a tail bag throughout was the luggage I carried for the ride.

21st November (Saturday) is when we started the journey. 5:51 am was the start time. There has to be one person who arrives late for the ride and this time it was me. I hadn't packed my luggage before hand and had to complete it the night before which delayed my sleep. Over slept and reached the meeting point (Esteem Mall) at 5:50 am. Luckily din't get any scoldings and we started by 6.


3 of us

It was a peaceful ride and it was quite "cold" at that time. We were doing good speeds and were covering good distance. Our aim for the day was Adilabad which is about 880 Km from BLR.
We managed to reach HYD by 3 PM including multiple breaks. Without any option we had to take the city route to cross HYD(Hyderabad). It took us about 2 hour 45 minutes for us to cross HYD. we regrouped at around 7 at HYD exit. We decided to push as much as we can and ride for a couple of hours more.

We rode till Kamareddy and found a place to crash for the night.

One of our senior - Santa was returning from his North trip with his wife. We were luck enough to meet him and get some advice as he was riding back from the snow covered region. Spoke to him for a while, gained some valuable advice and pointers. Santa left towards HYD after that.


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The most important aspect was to purchase thermals. The temperatures in UK were never in double digits when we checked and on top of that we were riding.
Purchased 2 sets of thermals from Decathlon and I had thought it would be sufficient:lol:. One saddle bag(cramster colt) and one tank bag( Rynox optimus) which was used as a tail bag throughout was the luggage I carried for the ride.
Decathlon has some degree C products but how good were the Gloves, Suits etc ?

Purchased 2 sets of thermals from Decathlon and I had thought it would be sufficient:lol:.
What happened to Hands, front area and Foots ?

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Decathlon has some degree C products but how good were the Gloves, Suits etc ?

What happened to Hands, front area and Foots ?
I didn't know what to buy as it was my first time to the extreme cold region.

I was using a base liner from Decathlon which held good until about 8-10 degrees. this includes the base liner , tshirt and my riding jacket.

Along with this I had a sweater which I used below 8 degrees until Pithoragarh. I purchased a Wool thermal there which helped a lot.

I had a snow gloves from decathlon which held good throughout. Post Adilabad I never used my riding gloves as it was impossible to ride with my cramster riding gloves.

Foot- Wildcraft trekking shoes with some winter socks.

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Day 2 : Kamareddy - Sausar
Distance : 450 Km Approx

The happening day of the entire trip!!!

The day started early for us. 7am we were out of our room and 7 30 we were on the road. We had to cover up the distance we had lost the day before due to HYD's traffic. I was supposed to lead as I manage to hold a constant speed. I was punching it from the start. (I ride a CBR 250 by the way) the previous night we had met @santa and were told that there would be a lot of fog, cold and cows on the road, towards north which we realized the very next day. It was foggy and chilled until about 11 in the morning.


We were doing good speeds and covering good distance. The aim was to reach Sagar and if possible push towards Jhansi. The day was going so good that we were confident of reaching Jhansi that day by about 9pm. Little did I know that I had a whole lot of adventure in store for me by the end of the day.

We had a late but wonderful lunch and headed towards Chindwara (we decided to take the shorter route to Jhansi, courtesy - Google Maps). All good until a point where I decided to switch on my AUX light instead of keeping the Bike's main light on. It was a 2 lane Highway with a lot of truck traffic. So wanted to keep my main light as a flasher. The golden moment when I decided to switch on the AUX light, the bike just lost power and stalled. I was tailing at this point of time. Nothing on the meter console, no horn or any signs of power. I right away realized that its got to do something with the AUX light as the switch had gone loose for that light and then the bike died exactly when I hit that light. Called up Bharath as he was on Sena and informed him the situation. They both returned in a few minutes and we started to check the bike.

Primary inspection

Found out that the wiring for that light is completely burnt. That's because of the loose switch. One of the fuse was melted. Now we didn't know to what extent is the wiring burnt. The power was drawn from the indicator relay which is connected to the main DC cable coming from the Fuse box near the battery. Quite a distance!!!! the wonderful news was that we were quite far from Nagpur and we were heading north. I had a bad feeling that the wiring kit has to be replaced. I had called up my mech in BLR and got a few suggestions and all of it had gone in vain. He suggested to take it to a SVC which was the ultimate thing as we could have done nothing in this situation.

Bharath rode for a Km and found out that there is a small Mech shop a Km away. Towed the bike to the garage. After an hour or so of messing around we along with the local mech decided that the bike has to be taken to a bigger hospital. This happened in Savner and the next big town was Sausar which had a Honda SVC (thanks to Google), the locals too confirmed that. Managed to get a Bolero pick up for the travel, we loaded my darling to the truck. and started the night journey which was about 20 odd Km.




The initial wiring was done by a local mech who was suggested by the shop that I purchased the light from. I cant blame him for my fate but I should have made sure that its safe. We reached Sausar. The SVC was surprisingly open at 8:30 pm. The lead mech heard the story and made some calls after which he suggested to go to the next town which is 55 Km and is a District headquarters. Its difficult to get parts for CBR in BLR and we were in a rural place of MH. I knew that the replacement wiring kit is impossible to source. I had even thought of shipping bike back to BLR and taking a bus or a train to UK and then hire a bike there. We had drawn quite a lot of attention due to our outfit and bikes. One from the crowd walked close and suggested another local mech. After a discussion we thought of trying out all the options we had as we knew what was wrong and that we had no other option at that time and place.

Got the bike off the truck. Again a lot of curious and talkative crowd that surrounded the garage. We explained the situation along with the connection on the bike. The mech got to work right away. He just followed the same steps which were told by my mech in BLR. Hope was all that was left. The mech ( Sadique bhai) said that the DC line is burnt and is touching another line which is shorting the bike. The main DC cable was cut and made direct. The engine along with the light were the only things working on the bike. To our surprise the bike was working after all the hassle.

That's Sadique bhai in grey jacket and Lala ji in the Tan leather jacket who got us to this garage.

By the time we were leaving we noticed the name of the garage. (Honda point)

One problem resolved and a disaster evaded, we called it a night. Got a decent stay in Sausar and crashed for the night.
The problem here was that the bike was not working with the ignition key but through a switch under the pillion seat as it was direct. The ignition key was a dummy at this stage. once the secret switch is on the bike would start with the self irrespective of the key in the ignition. This was known to the entire crowd. This was a scary situation for us. Had to ask the staff at the hotel to chain the bikes and keep a look out for their safety.

Picture abhi baaki hai........................

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Day : 3 Sausar - Orai
Distance - 640KM

The first thing I did after I got up was to check if my beloved bike is at the parking or not. The bike was right there and intact=D>[-o<\\:D/.

Started our journey towards the North:cool:.We were aiming to reach Hardoi(UP) by night. Just to remind you all, only the engine and the headlight were operational after the surgery. this is the toughest part of a long ride where you need to cover maximum distance to reach the destination as soon as possible so that you get enough time to roam around in the destination state. Thanks to me and my bike we had wasted half a day to get the bike ready. We were running late!!!

The stretch between Sausar and Sagar was not in a great condition. you get to see a lot of foxes on the road. You pass through the Pench reserve forest. Unfortunately we witnessed quite a lot of dead foxes on the road due to the heavy traffic that passes on that route day and night.
The Ghat section was really good with wide roads and good curves. The sad part was that there were lot of big potholes all the way. Once we crossed this stretch, we hit the 4 lanes again close to Sagar. It was straight and boring roads until we cross UP. I had no fuel indicator, luckily the other 2 bikes had a range lesser than mine and the same tank capacity. I used to refuel when ever they did :lol: .

At around 7 PM I received a call from my mech from Bangalore asking if the bike is running good or not!!!!!!! I said its all fine and that I would be returning with the same setup on the bike as its running good. About 30 minutes later the headlight started to fade away. The horn stopped working. Except for the parking light I had no lights on the bike. Realizing this I signaled to my fellow bikers and with their help rode the bike until the next toll booth. As soon as I hit the brakes to stop, the bike stalled. There was no power what so ever. I landed in the same situation as yesterday night. I was hoping that this situation would not arise again. This time we were at a Toll Plaza with light and a tea stall. It was already foggy and cold at that time. We called up the mech from Sausar who fixed the bike yesterday and he directed us to refit the wiring and try starting again. Took off the luggage and repeated the steps several times. Initially the bike refused to start and after multiple attempts the bike started with push start. From then I decided that It would be risky riding in this state and that I would get the bike fixed in Kanpur. Instantly searched for stay in Orai which was 30Km away. At the same time researched on the availability of Honda dealership in Kanpur. Found one called MSC Honda which did sell CBR. Thanks to google again.

The internet is a wonderful thing which helped us a lot in this situation. I started touring in 2008-09 when there was Gmaps but the network coverage was low and the maps were never dependable. You always had to stop and ask someone about anything.
A big shout out to all the seniors who have been touring even before that without any modern help. That would have been the real fun time I guess.

From the toll booth to Orai was a slow ride as the bike would stall at high speed and I had to push start the bike again which was a real pain with all the luggage. The bike switched off with the headlight on. So had to ride 30 odd km in higher gears ie. 4 and 5th and no headlight. This was probably due to the dead battery.

We rode about 640 Km for the day and were back on the schedule.

As decided, we started our journey towards Kanpur which was about 110 Km. It was a big task to reach the Dealership from the highway due to the traffic. We reached the SVC by 10:45. The staff and management were very helpful. The main mech was called and I explained the situation. The mech clearly understood the situation and also said that I am surprised that you managed to ride 700+ Km on this setup. He immediately got to work. There was one mech and a helper who worked on the bike. The work started by around 11:15 and continued till 8:30 PM.

The main DC line was burnt front to back which had also burnt 2 other wires running next to it. There was no wiring kit in stock. The entire wiring Kit was stripped after which the bad wires were replaced. I am really great full to Saurab who was the mechanic at MSC Honda Kanpur who fixed my bike and helped me complete the ride.


Two of our bikes were parked outside with the luggage. So we could not leave the bikes and wander. There was a lot of street food on offer close by. We lived on chats for the day. I loved the street food in Kanpur. Samosas, Kachoris, Aloo tikki chat, some sort of burger(as they called it), pani puri, channa chat; Yummy!!!!


That's the crew

The interesting part was that there have been a lot of protest in UP with regards to CAB CAA. Until the day before the SVC was opened only for a few hours or was completely closed for a few days. I should consider myself really lucky that there were no protest that day and the SVC was operational. One of the manager waited for the bike to be ready. the SVC was open just for my Bike until 9 PM.
I was charged 1200 INR for the fix. No body would have repaired wiring issue . They would have just said order a new kit and that this is not fixable. I thanked the staff and left from there.

We decided to leave Kanpur and see if we can cover a little distance before calling it a night as we had lost an entire day. We stopped at a restaurant in the outskirts of Kanpur for tea.


Made a few friends and had some yummy Maggie. After some chit chat we were back on the road. The stretch between Kanpur to Kanauj was a 2 lane road. Not sure if there was an alternate 4 lane road as followed the route instructions from the locals. The road condition was good but the problem we encountered was Fog. And a whole lot of it. After we exited the city we realized how much of a gamble this was. The tail lamp of the bike in front was hardly visible. We had no choice but to head north as we had come a little far from Kanpur and would cost us a lot of time the next day to head out of town if we returned. 30-40 kmph was hardly possible. Had to wait for a truck to follow it and be safe on road. At one point the truck too called it unbearable and pulled off. We continued slow and steady. Somehow reached Kannauj where we found a good stay and crashed for the night. It took us ages to cover this 80 odd Km stretch and was damn tiring.

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Interesting !!! South to North, all the way riding is a great feat. Kudos
Thank you Sir.

Day 5 : Kannauj - Puranpur - Tanakpur
Distance : 285 Km

It was a lazy late start. Fog on the highway was the sight all the way. We had Pithoragarh as the destination in mind for the night(which never happened). The road conditions wasn't that great. The temperature never went beyond single digits even during day time. But was pleasant to ride with multiple layers of clothing. The overwhelming sight of mustard crop was everywhere. All I could relate this to was the song from DDLJ. Huge combined harvesters and tractors were the maximum traffic that we encountered in this stretch.



At Puranpur, we stopped for tea in the town limits and we met a Soldier who was posted in Bangalore - Abhishek. He was on vacation for a week. By the time we were hitting the road again we were surrounded by the entire police force in Puranpur. Yet again a lot of questions, surprised looks, appreciations and exchange of smiles but this time it was at least 30 people gathering. Due to the CAB protests the policemen were on rounds to maintain law and order. We were on our way again in some time.

The essentials

And then the sight that we were waiting to see from the last 4 days.



Found a good stay and crashed for the day.


Day : 6 Tanakpur - Pithoragarh
Distance - 150 Km

We had 2 route options and selected the shorter one. We wanted to save time and this decision turned out to be more adventurous than we had thought. Most of the road in UK is being renovated to all season road. The stretch that we had taken was the prime spot where in we had to ride on river beds as the mountains were being carved to widen the road. Only cars and bikes were allowed in this route. There was hardly any tar left on the road other than the initial stretch from Tanakpur. There were road blocks ranging from 10 mins to an hour every now and then to clear the debris from the road. The road also offered us a lot of slush and sliding around opportunity which was fun.



Yummy breakfast to kick start the day

The DSLR was cribbing to be used until now and it was time to get it out of hibernation.




Here is the distant view of what we were hoping to witness

Some posing around



The real posers