A Tale Of Expedition To Uttarakhand (Ride)

Anup WS

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Day - 6 Continued






Finding a stay was a task though we had booked one online. After some searching found a good one with decent parking and were done for the day.

Day 7 : Pithoragarh- Munsiyari
Distance : 128 Km

Every now and then we got to witness the mighty WHITE mountains. The toughest thing here is not to notice the magnificent view and concentrate on the road. The roads were decent and narrow. We had received confirmation from the locals that there is snow in Mynsiyari and the roads are open for the time being. 128 Km might sound very less but to cover that distance it would take an entire day in that kinda road condition with minimal photo breaks. Thankfully my bike had no more issues and was behaving good.

The day started like this

We knew we were in for a treat. No issues with CAA or CAB and no issues with the bike could stop us from getting to this place. ( No offence meant to any of the protesters ;for or against)

I have to mention this incident that happened yesterday night. We were searching for a stay in Pithoragarh. We were asking about parking facility and the safety for our bikes. There were 2 middle aged guys who pitched in from nowhere to explain the culture of Uttarakhand. They said its called Dev Bhoomi for a reason. That was a goosebumps moment for me when I heard that. It happens at time that you get so carried away by the environment around you that you forget the world. I was in that state there.

We came across a camp site on the way. Couldn't stop ourselves from giving a visit to the site purely for its location. I am not able to find the pics of the place at this time. The place was very tempting for us but we were running late and didn't have a lot of time. We still Hadn't met Mr.Snow.


Crystal clear (looks like there was a Kent RO plant uphill)


Once we started to climb the last set of mountains to reach Munsiyari the view just changed completely.



In no time we met SNOW. The moment that we all were eager to witness was here. This was my first encounter with snow. So that explains the hype and enthusiasm.








Within no time it got dark and we could feel the temperature had drastically dropped. Things just got worse in a couple of minutes. We thought we could make it easily to the destination and that the roads were clear. The patch on the road that was wet a couple of minutes ago froze.

There was a Scorpio with locals in it who insisted us to follow them and start immediately as its not safe at this time on the bikes. It was 17 Km to Munsiyari and it was dark already. This 17 Km will never be forgotten. We all were wearing multiple layers of thermals and clothing with snow gloves. Yet the cold got us. Riding the bike had become a pain at this time. There was snow on the road. A little slipping around did happen but was manageable. Even before you enter the town, you have a few stays right next to the road in Munsiyari. These stays are a little costlier but have a brilliant view which will be shown in the next post. En-route we did see a few bikes parked in another stay and then realized one of our friend @alok from Pune is here with his team. We couldn't meet in the night due to the low temperature and planned to meet in the morning.

That night the temperature of the place as indicated by google was -10 which was quite evident. Multiple blankets, heaters and tonics could not keep us warm.