A weekend in Dapoli

Day 1 –

Route taken : Pune (Wakad) – Ghotavade Phata – Mulshi – Tamhini – Mangaon – Khed – Dapoli – Ladghar Beach – Karde Beach – Harnai – Anjarle – Ladghar Beach (Total 300 Km)

Excellent road throughout expect a 10 km patch around Mulshi.


Mighty Mulshi !


Stopped for breakfast at Quick Bite which is our regular stopover on this route.


We were skeptical whether they will serve anything so early but got our fuel for the rest of the journey :razz:


Gorge at Tamhini Ghat


Beautiful tree covered undivided 2 lane NH17 between Mangaon and Khed. We would be loosing this lovely stretch once road is widened in few years


Undivided 2 lane state highway between Khed and Dapoli

We stayed at Blue Breeze Resort in Ladghar beach. Nice, clean and very big rooms. Staffs are very friendly and courteous. I should specially mention about the food at the resort. Every dishes are prepared against advance order only and you would feel affection as much as your home cooked food although they charge very moderate price.

In the afternoon, drove along the beach side road from Ladghar to Harne Bunder via Karde and Murud beach. The beach road is kuccha and under construction at places but the mesmerizing beauty of the nature overshadows the inconvenience.


Karde Beach


Winding coastal road along Karde Beach

The fish auction at Harne Bunder is very spectacular. The fishermen return to the shore at 4 PM and start auctioning their daily catches. So many varieties and such fresh fishes are hardly available in our cities.


Harnai Bunder: Fishermen returning to shore to auction their daily catches


Auction in action !




Some fresh catches of the day


Prawns and Crabs :heart:


Squids !!


Fish being transferred to market in bullock carts

We drove further from Harne Bunder to famous Kadyavarcha Ganpati temple at Anjarle. The temple is very well maintained and clean. You can take our own time and pay homage to the deity peacefully. There are several breath taking view spots for photo shooting on the way to Anjarle.


Anjarle Creek Bridge


Anjarle Creek



Kadyavarcha Ganpati Temple


Sunset from the hilltop. It was a very hazy afternoon


Pajpandhari Village at the bottom


Anjarle Beach as seen from the hilltop


Yours Truly :)



Sumptuous Pomfret Thali at the resort ! The thali was perfect to douse our hunger after a long day :mrgreen:
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Day 2 –

Route taken : Ladghar Beach – Burondi village (Parashuram Bhumi) – Panhale Kazi caves – Dapoli (for lunch) – Davol (Ferry crossing) – Anjanvel light house – Ladghar Beach (Total 140 Km)

The day started with strolling along the pristine Ladghar beach. Dapoli especially Ladghar and Karde are still unspoiled due to their remoteness and distance from nearby big cities. Tourists are far lesser than Alibaug, Kashid or Divegad in peak seasons. If you need absolutely nil crowd and complete silence (expect the roaring sea) then visit on a weekday.


Cottages at the Blue Breeze Resort


Nice garden inside the resort


Ladghar Beach in front of the resort


Ladghar Beach


Setting out for Dolphin watching ?!



Wow ! ATB \\:D/


Road along Ladghar Beach


Some relaxed moments in the resort :cool:

Post breakfast we drove to Parashuram Bhumi at Burondi. A 20 feet long fiber glass made Parashuram statue placed on half earth shaped structure which is hollow inside and actually a meditation hall. The property is on a hill top and view of the sea is amazing. Very nicely maintained and have seating arrangements. It was very hot and humid even in January and Konkan special chilled Amla soda was very helpful rejuvenate us.


Parashuram Bhumi


Some information on Parashuram Bhumi


Konkan special Amla Soda: We found the shop at right time as we were too thirsty


:drinkers: AHHHHH!!!!

From Parashuram Bhumi, we drove to Panhale Kazi. The drive was through remote villages and some non-existing roads at few places. Panhale Kazi caves were discovered as late as 1970 but after that no efforts are made to preserve the artifacts found. The caves are invaluable resources of our glorious cultural heritage but mostly neglected and left to ruin by the Govt. The history of these caves started at 3rd century AD when Buddhism was at its peak in India which is prominent till cave no. 5. The influence of Jainism and Hinduism are prominent in later caves. There are several sculptures of Hindu deities which are probably dated back to 13th century. As I love history, a local youth was showing me all the caves with much enthusiasm. He was little surprised that I didn’t feel disinterested like other tourist since the caves are poorly maintained and not even swept for weeks. ](*,)


Panhale Kazi : Buddha Stupas in front of cave 5




Panhale Kazi: A destroyed statue of Buddha





Panhale Kazi: Ganesha carved in the stone


Panhale Kazi : Probably the only favour Govt has done - Declaring the cave as protected monument :(

We reached Dapoli to have lunch at Jagdish Lunch Home. Surmai and Pomfret Thalis were extremely delicious.


Jagdish Lunch Home at Dapoli. A heaven for Konkani cuisine lovers


Surmai Thali


Kombadi Vade : Another specialty of Konkan


Solkadi : When at Konkan, never miss this drink

As we had enough spare time, we decided to visit Anjanvel light house after the lunch. You need to get your car ferry-crossed river Vashishthi to reach Anjanvel otherwise you need to drive 70 km extra via Chiplun. Ferry crossing was fun but ferries are available in every 45 mins only. So when we reached Anajanvel lighthouse finally at 5:10, it was already closed 10 mins back. It was extremely hazy afternoon and visibility was poor from the cliff. There is a beautiful Shiva temple named Talkeshwar at the base of the light house.


Dabhol to Dhopave ferry crossing

The ferryboats are quite large and have space to accommodate couple of Volvo coaches.



Vashishthi river


Talkeshwar Shiva Temple at Anjanvel


Anjanvel light house. Sadly we were not allowed inside as entry was closed 10 mins back



View from the base of Anjanvel light house
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Day 3 –

Route taken: Ladghar Beach – Dapoli – Khed – Poladpur – Mahabaleshwar – Wai – Surur – Pune (Total 250 Km)

After mouth-watering breakfast with Amboli, we checked out of the resort and started our return trip to Pune. While crossing Dapoli, we stopped by Dapoli fish market and bought some fresh Sumari. We got the fish nicely packed in a thermocol box which will keep it fresh till we reach Pune. For a change, we took a different route via Mahabaleshwar. Driving through Poladpur to Pratapgad fort to Mahabaleshwar to Panchgani is always a pleasure especially if it’s a weekday. When you are at Mahbaleshwar in winter, never miss the Strawberry Shake. So we stopped at Bagicha corner to satisfy our cravings. We packed some fresh strawberries from Mapro Garden before reaching home.


Lip smacking Amboli (Konkani version of Neer Dosa) in the breakfast.



Dapoli fish market


We packed some Sumai (Seer fish) in thermocol box for home


Pyramid Truck : If you haven't seen them then you haven't driven on Indian highways


Road between Poladpur to Mahabaleshwar


Border of Ratnagiri and Satara district : The right turn goes to Pratapgad fort and straight road heads towards Mahabaleshwar


Somewhere near Mahabaleshwar. Quick photoshooting while stretching the legs


Strawberry shake at Bagicha Corner



Strawberry and Veggie stalls near Mapro Garden

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Very well written and comprehensive. With almost all beaches from Alibaug to Malvan too much commercialized and full with people during weekend, Ladghar is an exception due to it's location. Hopefully, it remains so for time to come.