A Wrist watch with GPS


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Hi Shashank

This is what you are looking if you want altitude temp pressure GPS compass etall

Suunto - Suunto X10

if you are not satisfied with this one there are other options also available with Garmin but as per my knowledgde this one is the best if you are looking for outdoor features+ GPS.

Garmin is more GPS centric so may not give details of altimeter/barometer in some models but there are 1-2 models which can give all features.

SUUNTO is a finnish company masters of precision instruments/compasses and outdoor wristwatches......they say the only watch which works on Mt.Everest is a SUUNTO

Check this link as well

Suunto - Products
Our beloved HMT Watches from 80's era also works on Mt. Everest provided you key them regularly, which could be herculean task with those thick padded gloves :D


I don't know if it is too late to answer this two year old thread but here is what I use and it answers your requirements. Except for loading maps it can do everything else that a GPS does. This is an old model, as I am, and the latest one in this series (I think 401) has a barometric altimeter. The latest one can also more easily communicate with your PC/Mac. Mine cannot (I mean theoritically it perhaps can but it's too much of a bother for me). So I have to physically jot down the way points and then create a table of my own in CSV format.

You can record your own waypoints and come back and create a google map of your own journey. And it is remarkably accurate. Its only problem is it is bad on cramped city roads with high rises on both the sides. The latest model, I believe, has addressed this issue effectively.


The coordinate in the image incidentally is my home.


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i know too late ,in fact very late to reply on this thread.was googling for gps watch,bumped into ur thread.if speed altitude,etc is on your mind,try GPS ESSENTIALS from android market free .here's the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mictale.gpsessentials&feature=search_result.if tracking is on ur mind try REAL TIME GPS TRACKER FREE ,LINK https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greenalp.RealtimeTracker&feature=search_result.
well all u need is a android phone ,GINGERBREAD UP.TAKE CARE,BYE!:)

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I have Casio which was called Telephone Dialler.
Feed / Save upto 50 Nos. in it. Select the no. and press switch. Dial tone type sound will be generated and when it was placed next to mouthpiece of Telephone, Call will be put through
Used extensively during days when the Telephone dialling was locked but Handset used to be free. Still have it but the use is gone.