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Pushp Sahab, as usual amazing pics...
@Hacket: Its a gr8 shot you got there.... and it does count, you got my vote :)
Does this count?

Hacket bro.... I love the blurred strings... give me a feeling of motion and music.
Was little unsure if my snap qualified for this thread.

Glad you guys liked it.

Not much of PP done apart from converting it into sepia.


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Yankee that's a good one... how did you manage that?
Thats Paro..... half dead by noon.... beautiful place... but looks deserted at this time of year( Nov Mid). and the kid was happily playing in the dry gutter with the garbage collection cart next to him.
Hope this qualify. a old one
It will....is that algae on the surface of water....superb greens!

sir ji,awesome shots.
very vibrant colours in first pic.
Thanks masterji
Doc, loved the first shot. Not really a fan of Monet, else second one is fantastic as well.
Thanks YS...
The other two do look like Monets, don't they??
Any guesses on how this was achieved...btw, they are purely in camera...no post processing to get that effect.

Dr Push : Awesome
Thanks Rajiv..
Wish there was some purple!!:)

its there.....
Deep down somewhere ;)
Some from Jantar Mantar...

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The Second pic(Stairs):prayer::prayer::prayer::prayer:
:rolleyes: hats off.
thanks yankee
Boy oh boy.... doc how many rabbits do you have in your hat.... Awesome pics
Thanks Kar