Abu Dhabi day trip


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Any regulars done trip ???

I was looking at booking a tour with Arabian adventures but not sure if it's too much to do in one day and you don't get a proper feel for the place.

Any tips / help would be much appreciated



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What does the package include and for how much?

Days trips basically include
Minimum- Desert sand dune safari in land rover + Arabian dance at camp for approx 100 dirhams

Add to it Dubai mall/ Burj tour and or JLT boat ride etc etc and cost goes up
But its better to split activities in two days

rkbalaji can tell exact costs


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Sorry for responding lately.Which are the activities you are interested?And let me know how many days you are planning to.Based on that I shall recommend accordingly.And if you want to enjoy dune safari,and if Abu dhabi is on your mind,book a desert safari for the Al Khatim desert.That will be worth and I believe it should not cost more than 200 AED.If you require any specific details,let me know.