Accidents in India

Gaurav Dutt

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Hi Gaurav,
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Were you sleeping in the back seat of car or bus?
If one is sleeping in the back set of car [flat]; though with folded legs I recommend one to wear the lap belt. It would provide some restraint.
was sleeping at the back seat of a car. I wish I could have wear the seat belts.


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15+ years back my company had arranged a training on Defensive driving. That was one of the most memorable training I had.
Some excerpts of the training to state cause of Accidents:
  1. Over Speed
  2. Over Load
  3. Over Confidence
  4. Alcohol.
The above are additional senses which Driver should have apart from normal 5 gifted senses.
On couple of instances I had narrow escapes with Over confidence. I was lucky to have missed those untoward incidents.


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Sharing accident pic of Nissan Terrano.
The car has hit a pole and steel divider

The car has suffered Frontal Damage and luckily Cabin is intact and so is the rear.
All 4 tyres have got deflated.
It appears Driver and co-driver were wearing the seat belts.
Location of the accident: Post office, Manipal

I hope there's no damage to Third person, offcourse Damage to Third party do exists. I hope the occupants are safe.


“Flying MARUTI DZIRE High Speed Gone Seriously Wrong” Crashed into Container
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Arun Panwar

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Watch in this video: “Flying MARUTI DZIRE High Speed Gone Seriously Wrong” Crashed into Container The incident happened at 1AM Midnight in Smart City of Haryana, Faridabad. A high speed Diesel Maruti Dzire got crashed into Eicher truck parked in front of the petrol pump. Know the whole story in this video.