Accidents in India


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In Hyderabad new Flyover was opened hanging bridge or cable bridge couple of weeks back!!
Police has challaned 886 challans:
1. for driving on wrong side
2. Stopping mid way to take selfies.
3. Overspeeding

An accident already has taken place, luckily car and driver did not end up in Durga chevuru lake over which this bridge was built.

Car turns upside down on Hyderabad’s Durgam Cheru…:
I have seen a lot of accidents on the road because there people who are just knowingly unaware of what is happening on the road. There are a lot of people who have not seen those kinds of events which has made them unaware of what can happen on the road. More people should be exposed to information about traffic accidents and how to avoid them. There are a lot of cases where people do not realize that safety is the priority during driving which has led to this type of unfortunate accident.


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Captured the pic of Nissan Kicks at workshop.
The car rear ended an Acid tanker, due to the impact tanker tank got damaged and the Concentrated Acid was sprayed on the car killing Driver cum Owner and other 2 people on the Spot.
Overheard other 2 people also died later.
Car is declared as Total loss and interiors are so gone Kaput.
If we go near the car can still sense Acid fumes.

I urge people to drive safe and at optimum speed.
On Highway driving too slow or too fast is inviting for an accident.
Deadly Southern California Crash Between Vehicle And Semitruck

Video Shows Scene Of Deadly Southern California Crash Between Vehicle And Semitruck | NBC News NOW
•Mar 3, 2021


NBC News

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Over one dozen people were killed in a car crash in a California town just north the Mexican border. El Centro Regional Medical Center said a vehicle with 27 passengers hit a semitruck full of gravel. At least 12 others were injured and taken to hospitals.
California Crash: At Least 15 Killed in Collision on Imperial County Highway
•Mar 3, 2021


Bloomberg Quicktake: Now

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Hospital officials say an SUV believed to be carrying 27 people crashes into a semitruck in Southern California, killing 15 people and leaving others injured. Judy Cruz, director of El Centro Regional Medical Center's emergency department, said 14 people died at the scene and another died after arriving. Officials believe there were 27 people in an SUV that struck a tractor-trailer full of gravel. Multiple patients have been flown to hospitals for their injuries. It was not immediately clear what caused the crash. The crash occurred in the agricultural southeastern corner of California on a highway running through fields in the Holtville area about 100 miles (161 kilometers) east of San Diego.
2019 Old Video of Accident similar but only 2 vehicles were involved.

Double fatality car crash involving Honda and semi-truck near Mather California, CHP speaks
•Dec 4, 2019



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Double fatality car crash involving Honda and semi-truck near Mather California A double fatality near Mather after semi-truck crashes into a Honda. CHP spoke with Mayde Gomez. (This video was originally a Facebook live) Follow Mayde on Facebook: Follow Mayde on Twitter:
Slow Speed can also Kill....................

Delhi: Elderly Couple Killed After A Car Ran Over In Dwarka | Breaking News | India Today
•Apr 7, 2021


India Today

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An elderly couple was killed after a car ran over them in Delhi's Dwarka. As per CCTV footage, a Mercedes car can be seen in slow-speed running into an elderly couple. Delhi police have arrested a woman who was driving the car & a probe is currently underway. Watch full bulletin. #Delhi #MercedesCar #IndiaToday

Whatsapp / Texting can do wonders even at slow speeds.....
Miraculous escape for couple after horrific crash with SUV
•Apr 4, 2019


Hindustan Times

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In a miraculous escape, a couple walked away with just minor injuries after a horrific crash with an SUV. The couple, riding a motorcyle, are seen in CCTV footage being hit by an SUV from behind. They are then flung onto the bonnet of the car before sliding off and getting trapped under the tyres. While the man is seen getting up quickly, it takes the driver and others some time to pull the woman out from underneath the car.
Police of India is same ??

Toyota crashes into police car (police at fault). Oh yeah... and I almost die.
•Oct 24, 2020


A Courier's Life - Egy Futár Élete

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(For licensing or usage, contact [email protected]) Luckily, most of the time I look into the intersection even if I have a green light. This time we were stuck in the intersection so the lights switched before we could leave. When the road cleared, I checked for traffic. The police didn't. (By the way, nobody was injured seriously)