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I have seen and observed that most of 2 wheeler riders don't wear the helmet strap. In the event of accident the helmet can come off and loose the very purpose of Protection.
People think Helmet manufacturers are fools to provide Straps to buckle at extra costs?
Here is an accident that took place in Mumbai.
Really surprised to see the way accident happened due to a car, 2 wheeler rammed to rear end of the car lost control and hit another 2 wheeler!!
Times of India: Caught on camera: Driver speeds off after horrifying accident in Mumbai; 2 dead.
Caught on camera: Driver speeds off after horrifying accident in Mumbai; 2 dead | TOI Original - Times of India Videos

Mumbai: 2 bikers killed as car takes sudden U-turn in Lower Parel, Watch | Oneindia News
Oct 1, 2021


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Two bikers were killed and another man injured in Lower Parel in Mumbai on Wednesday night. The incident happened when a car took a sudden U-turn and collided with the motorcycle. #LowerParelbridge #Mumbaibikeaccident #DeadlyUTurn

Horrific Road Accident In Mumbai Caught On Cam; 2 dead | India Ahead News
Oct 1, 2021

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A shocking incident has come to light in the Lower Parel area of Mumbai when the incident of a driver driving the police in the dark of Mumbai was fresh. In Mumbai, a driver’s rash driving has claimed the lives of two. Also, two persons were seriously injured in the incident. He is currently undergoing treatment at Sion Hospital in Mumbai. The incident took place on Wednesday (September 29) night on the bridge west of Lower Parel. The driver suddenly took the U-turn off the bridge at the same speed as the car started. This time, two innocent people on the bike were killed. Two others were seriously injured. He is undergoing treatment at Sion Hospital in Mumbai.
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Yesterday got to capture post accident pic of this car, parked in front of Police station.
I think so, the car has hit a lorry or Metro pillar.
If Mercedes Benz can experience so much damage what about other cars??
I guess this is E-class and this car may go for Total loss.
Attached is the picture:




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Importance of wearing seat belts: How destiny made Cyrus Mistry not wear the seat belts and caused his untimely demise.
I urge all occupants to wear seat belts.
Cyrus Mistry car crash: Why former Tata Sons chairman didn’t survive in Mercedes worth Rs 70 lakh?

Cyrus Mistry accident: Initial probe says car was at 130-140 kmph | Mumbai News - Times of India

Cyrus Mistry Death: Faulty bridge design led to Cyrus Mistry crash; Forensic team | Mumbai News - Times of India

The Social Media is blaming the Dr Woman driver to be negligent.
She is a qualified doctor and may be driving cars for decades. It is sheer luck that destiny turned the tables.

I have seen many people not wearing seat belts, when seated at rear and at times these accidents never come with warning.

A simple act by Cyrus Mistry and his accompany at rear wearing seat belt thru' out the journey would have made a difference in their life and family's life.
Look at destiny they were shortly scheduled to reach Mumbai and 2 lives never reached.

A safe car will never save person, if he fails to comply to safety.
Kullu Accident : दो ट्रकों में जोरदार भिड़ंत, ट्रकों के उड़ गए परखच्चे, तीन लोग हुए घायल
Sep 9, 2022


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कुल्लू-मनाली हाईवे तीन स्थित रामशिला के पास दो ट्रकों के बीच जोरदार टक्कर हुई है। हादसे में ट्रकों के परखच्चे उड़ गए हैं। एक ट्रक में लाखों का सेब भी बरबाद हो गया है। वीरवार रात 12 बजे हुए हादसे में दो ट्रक चालक व एक अन्य व्यक्ति घायल हुआ है। तीनों का क्षेत्रीय अस्पताल कुल्लू में उपचार चल रहा है...
#kullumanalihighway #kulluaccident #threepeopleinjured