Acco required in Uttranchal!


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Gurudwaras give you ample space to rest and also you carry a sleeping bag as i too carry and there many people stay and they have locker facility also ....

My personal advice do see once before taking a room as in season time charges are at peak have a look at gurudwara premises I would assure you that you will not feel to shell hundreds in hotel....


Sandeep Barve
Thanks sandeep. I am going alone & hence am searching rooms/dorm in range of 200-250. Is it possible?
Yes. Most GMVN hotels have dorms that cost 125-150 per bed, but they have a common WC. I've never stayed in any of these, as I travel with family. But I've seen some and they seem to be clean enough and warm enough. You usually get decent food at these hotels and they're quite cheap (veg meal for 4 costs apprx 300).

At some places (eg Rishikesh), GMVN has more than one hotel. Typically one of these will be expensive, and other a budget hotel. In Rishikesh, the Ganga Resort of GMVN costs as much as 2.5k a night in season :shock: but then it is located on the river front. At the same time Bharat Bhoomi would cost about 300 for a double room, inclusive of taxes! :) Am attaching a pic of a room at Bharat Bhoomi hotel where I stayed last month on my way to Gangotri, which will give you an idea. All the hotels can be booked online (payment thru credit card). You will have to register yourself first. Please go to Book TRH
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