Accommodation at Turtuk, Ladakh

There are no guest houses/hotels at Turtuk village which has been open recently this year for tourists.

The only option is the PWD rest house which has two rooms (4 beds in total) with attached toilets. Ideally these should be booked from Diskit (i do not know where). However, we reached there without bookings and we were lucky enough that no one else was booked for the night.

When we reached the PWD rest house we were not able to locate the caretaker, so we went to the police station opposite to the guest house, and the officer there helped us located the caretaker.

There are lots of camping options available at Turtuk. Bring your tent and pitch it anywhere you like.

Homestays are not common and when we enquired, we did not receive a positive response. However, if you want, you could get in touch with "Mir" Or "Amin" at the only restaurant they have in the village (just before the final bridge).

They would help you by arranging a homestay for you. Since we were well settled at the PWD rest house, we were ok, but they guy mentioned that he does arrange homestays for tourists sometimes. Generally arranges a bed for them at his own home for some charge.

Inset: Picture of "Mir" (left) & "Amin" . You could also ask "Amin" to give you a tour of the village, he did it for us. Took us around for 3-4 hours inside the village and introduced us to a certain Mr. Khan, who is royalty and a direct descendant of the Yabgo dynasty.

Thanks for posting this Harsh, this will be quite helpful for all the Ladakh aspirants.
It's my pleasure YS.

Sorry for getting a little off-topic, but is there any place from where i can get the BCMT sticker for my car. It's the "Live to drive" one right. Saw that the thread for that has been closed.
I agree with harsh..
I came to this site got info & know many BCMTians visiting
at that same time when we will be in Ladakh.

I am preparing a small banner/sticker, which will carry BCMT logo
for our hired vehicle. It will help to meet fellow BCMTians.

Yogesh, I can send artwork file to you, if you want, so any BCMTian can use it.


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Great piece of info Harsh!
It will certainly help a lot of folks here (hopefully me too!)
Great piece of info Harsh!
It will certainly help a lot of folks here (hopefully me too!)
enjoy your trip rutu.
Turtuk is more a cultural experience than a military/scenic experience. Do not miss the village tour. Get a local to guide you through.