Accommodation at Turtuk, Ladakh

Another place to stay in Turtuk...
Turtuk Holiday Camp

We stayed at TurtuK Holiday Camp and i can safely say that it was the best place we stayed in our entire Ladakh trip.

The hospitality which the owner Rahamatullah Khan offered is something to be experienced. The location is pretty good, The tents and the linen were spotlessly clean and were of heighest quality. The food was great. Try the local "Phabar" ki roti in breakfast.

The 2-3 hr village tour given by Rahamat himself is not to be missed at any cost.

Highly recommended place.


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We stayed at Turtuk Holiday Camp on 9th July,
Great village to visit first of all in Nubra and the camp is also really nice.
Contact directly Mr. Attaullah in Leh for booking,
Turtuk is 205 Kms from Leh.
I feel one should visit Turtuk and stay in Turtuk Holiday Camp to enjoy the beauty of village.


Hopefully the lack of hotels and "proper" facilities will discourage people from spending too long here and will help in keeping the place virgin and clean.
Pbmangarolia , can you give me idea about,
1) If I start at 7am , when will I reach Turtuk ?
2) Had you covered the other places of Nubra ? Then when did you reached Leh next .
3) Do you prefer to stay two days at Turtuk?
4) How many persons can live in a Tent ? Approximate price .

I will be going there in the month of early October.