Accommodation at Turtuk, Ladakh


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Pbmangarolia , can you give me idea about,
1) If I start at 7am , when will I reach Turtuk ?
2) Had you covered the other places of Nubra ? Then when did you reached Leh next .
3) Do you prefer to stay two days at Turtuk?
4) How many persons can live in a Tent ? Approximate price .

I will be going there in the month of early October.
First of all, Turtuk is really scenic village and better than any other places in Nubra according to me.
We had started at 7:30 am and reached turtuk at 5 pm after taking so many photography breaks including Khardungla, Khardung, around Sand Dunes at Diskit, camel safari (1.5 hour stop) etc. etc. So if you go without any stop you may reach there around 1 pm (206 Kms from Leh)

We had not covered other places like Sumur or Panamik on next day instead we spent Village visit for 2 hrs. in the morning at Turtuk. According to me you need not to visit other places in nubra if you visit turtuk as the road to turtuk is really beautiful.

we had also visited Tyakshi - the last village beyond which tourists are not allowed further towards LOC.

No need to spend 2 days in Turtuk.

In one Tent, two-three persons can easily share, 2 for luxury- 3 for confort

Turtuk holiday camp is the best option available there right now. you may reserve tent for something around 2200-2400 per night on MAP or even cheaper considering the rush of tourist in the month of October.


Following are the details of accommodation at Turtuk, Nubra:

Turtuk Holidays:
Phone: 01980-248103
Mobile: 09419219868
Mobile: 09906998123



Turtuk Eco Resort:
Email: [email protected]


Maha Guest House:
Phone: 01980-248040



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We are 3 and planning to visit turtuk in nubra in early july. once we are there, is it possible to fix our own tent? Also, let me know if its allowed to put our tent in all other places in our journey from manali to leh? thanks
You might not be allowed to pitch your own tents at Turtuk, specially since this is an area very close to the international border with Pakistan, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

On the Manali - Leh highway, feel free to pitch a tent wherever you want! No one is going to stop you.
Many many thanks for updating this information. I was planning to go for a Tour to Turtuk and this information really helped me a lot. I would have faced many difficulties for my night stay in turtuk. Thanks again dude :)


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Thanks for putting this information, it will be really helpful. :)

One question, will these places be open in Feb (winters)?