Accommodation between Pang and Sarchu

There's nothing much to see or do around either in Pang or Sarchu or even Debring. Even if you ride/drive till 6-7pm, all you need to do after is relax, eat and sleep. If you manage to reach Pang till say 4pm (deadline), move ahead, if not, stay at Pang.


Thats true. Last time around, Pang(even Sarchu to some extent) seemed so desolate. Unless i go about finding some off roads/stretches its wouldnt really matter if we reach early or bit late.
So as you said, based on the time, can decide between Pang or Sarchu. Thanks Vikas.

Yogesh Sarkar

Nope, it is where Gata Loop ends and descent for Pang is about to begin i.e. where that huge gorge is. Plus the trail from the army camp going along the river should be fun as well.


The distance between Pang and Sarchu is 95 kms and there is no habitation/tents/huts between these two place...
However you may found 1/2 very small shacks of road construction labors.
Reason for this deserted section is two high passes(Lachung La/Nakeela) between Pang and Sarchu.
We rarely see any human settlement near high passes of Ladakh.