Accommodation in Kargil

Please advise decent accommodation options for stay at Kargil. From various threads, I understand that following are few stay options at Kargil:

1) Hotel Siachen
2) Hotel Greenland
3) Hotel Cavaran
4) Hotel D'Zojila

Out of these hotels, which is the best option (for neat & clean and spacious rooms)?

Also please share your feedback / experiences in case you have stayed at any of these hotels.

I know, J&K Tourism Tourist Bungalow is an option but to book them in advance is a challenge and on the spot availability might be an issue.


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Hotel Siachen is a good option. We stay there for 2 times but it was just a night halt out there. The food is really very good and also the rooms are good and clean. I think in season you will have to book it in advance if you arrive there by evening or night as lot of people come there for night halts only on their way to Leh from Srinagar. Also do not forget to visit the Kargil war memorial and please ask a army person to take you through the war memorial.


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Hotel Siachen is nothing special at all, but it's relatively clean and the kitchen is efficient (though it serves bad attempts at continental food); good enough for an overnight stay.


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During our leh trip in july this year, We went to see the rooms in Hotel Siachen but found that the rooms are not worthy for the price of :r: 2800 for a double bed room.

Hence, we stayed in D'Zozilla @ 2500 for 3 people. Make sure that you get the room in the building across the road.We did not find the rooms in hotel's main building much clean and the space too was far less.

Rate of 2500 might have been reduced as we went in peak season.

We didnot risk having dinner @ hotel so cant comment about food quality ;)
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There are no hotels in the price range of 1500 to 2000 in kargil?
I"m traveling in Oct so would you suggest I book it online right now or take my chances and reach kargil then bargin for a lesser price? at any or all of these hotels?

My stay in kargil is only for 1 night and its subjected to road conditions at the time of my arrival there.
If i'm held up or i feel its too late to drive from Srinagar to leh directly I will halt at Kargil or else not.
Please advice.


October is considered off season in Ladakh,very few tourist.
You may get a good discount on tariff and strike a deal in 1500-2000 range.
Try hotel Dzozila in kargil
Apart from hotel there are various guest houses in Kargil which offers room between 500-1000 rs.
You can also try JK Tourism GH on hospital road and secure a room there for 200-300 rs.Nice clean room with in house kitchen service.


Oh that sounds interesting. Then i will keep my reservations open and go there in person and deal it out .


or you can stay at Drass, hotel rates are much less in Drass but less options. There is a JKTDC GH as well.

Other option is home stays and GHs at Lamayuru


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hi, want to do the batalik sector from kargil to leh. do we need a permit and will any of the hotel guys do the permit? if anyone has nos for hotel dzozila which seems to be favoured pls do post.