Adrenaline running high for 12 days – Trip of Lifetime

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    Calcutta, India, India
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    Glimpse of my plan

    I know I have talked so much, but just to give a brief glimpse of the plan I followed. Overall I followed the same plan but did some minor and major tweaks in it.


    I did included Hanle and Tso Moriri in my trip, because I was fascinated for that place.

    When I was in my office, I remember that my senior was saying that you will not able to cover the entire plan if you include Hanle and Tso Moriri. But instead he suggested to go the different monasteries in the area and I said to him ‘Sir, butts are only for ashtrays'. I will go will try to cover Hanle and Tso Moriri. Where as same covering main monasteries in the region. Even though I have to stretch my trip for one or two days.
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    Day 2 – Sunday – 14th August – Manali – Sarchu – 240 Kms – 8Hrs.
    – Manali – Gulaba – Rohtang – Koskar – Sissu – Keylong – Jispa – Darcha – Zingzing Bar – Barcha La Pass – Sarchu

    Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
    Breeze driftin' on by, you know how I feel
    It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me.
    Yeah, it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me,
    And I'm feelin' good.

    While writing this post I reminisced about my mind state that I was in at that point of time. And the lines I just said above gives a picture of that. I was so fascinated I mean it was new life for me and you know what due to that excitement we missed few of the major attraction the way. I never noticed that I was so involved in the surroundings that I totally forgot that we have to cross the Rohtang pass. But also at the same time it was new life for me and it’s the first time in my life I had tea as well and I felt good.

    So we started early from manali as our friend already had already arranged the permits required.

    Capture1.PNG Capture2.PNG

    So by 8:15 we were at Gulaba Checkpost and had my first tea in life and it was good. We started from gulaba after 15-20 mins with few clicks with locals. So we started the ascent towards Rohtang and we never noticed that we have crossed Rohtang pass. In our minds we had a picture of heavily snowed area aand with few tuckshops and a big queue of vehicles. When we we reached Spiti turn board, we were shocked and laughing heavily at each other’s face and saying ‘Yeh to tragedy ho gayi’. But we decided to move ahead and make sure not to miss any other major points.

    --> Tea at Gulaba Checkpost and salute to the ladies selling tea in a chilled morning.
    2.3.1 Gulaba Check Post.jpg 2.3.2 Gulaba Tea.jpg

    So we reached Keylong with ease around 11:30. We stopped for few minutes near Keylong bus stand just to get our backs straight and we started to proceed towards Sarchu and made ourselves strong enough to cross the various water crossings that we have heard from different travelers.

    --> Reached Keylong
    2.4.2 Keylong.jpg

    We reached Bacha La pass and had few pics. Enjoyed the beauty of nature. Rested there for couple of minutes and it was a real bless. We could even hear our own heartbeat. It was so silent and calm, I can’t even express it in my words now. Next we had a stop at Suraj Vishaal taal and it was again a beautiful place with beautiful views of lakes and mountains.

    --> Barcha La Pass --> Suraj Vishal Taal
    2.7.2 Barchala Pass.JPG 2.8.1 Suraj Vishal Taal.jpg

    Now we started our descend towards Sarchu. We decided to take a break at Sarchu. So I asked my friend to keep an eye on the options you see during the journey. Again our perspective for Sarchu was a crowded place with lots of accommodation. :) :) :p :) :)

    So we just reached the first challenge of our trip, the first major water crossing. I was bit nervous and concerned about our safety. We reached the water crossing took a quick break to get an overview of the situation we had in front of us and I can tell you it was scary. We planned our path through that water crossing with the help of BRO officials standing there. They guided us a lot. My friend Jasdeep took the challenge and decided to go first, the waterflow was quite high and fortunately he was able to cross the mainstream, but when he was about to cross the crossing his bike engine got banged a big boulder. He was able to control that, but I could see a fear and concern on his face. So immediately ran towards him to give a hand and I helped him to pull his bike out of that pit. I came back took my bike and In my mind I had already strategized my path through that crossing and luckily I was able to cross without any harm.

    --> I was all wet, so decided to get clicked in the water.
    2.5.4 Jispa - ZZBar.jpg

    All wet we started our journey towards Sarchu, but I think the energy/adrenaline kept us warm. ;)

    Throughout the journey the entire landscape after every turn we see on the mountains, once it was golden mud colored mountains and then it was different color although.

    So we saw the milestone for Sarchu having distance for Sarchu as 5 kms. I was overjoyed and in my mind I thought at last we have place to rest. We saw tents, but after 7-8 kms not seeing any major civilized place, we saw one maggi joint and decided to inquire about Sarchu and he gave the best bouncer I have ever played. Saying ‘Sir Ji Sarchu to piche reh gya, Aapne dhyan nahi diya’. And we were just like ‘what the !!!’ as you know we had a perspective in mind that a Sarchu would be a well civilized place as most of the tourists take a halt there.

    --> Thanks for your visit board at Sarchu.
    2.10.1 Sarchu.jpg

    I know while reading this post you would be thinking how dumb we’re. And I still laughed at that.

    We were already tired and it was getting cold, so we asked him, is there any accommodation nearby. He told there is only one good tent after this place i.e. After the HP and JK chekpost and he pointed his finger towards that. So we decide to go there only as it was not far and we don’t want to go back to sarchu.

    We reached the tent and inquired if there any accommodation available and luckily he had and we settled in the tent. After resting for couple of 2 hours we got ready for dinner and at that point of time we realized we‘re the victims of AMS. Gathering all the energy we had left with we went for dinner. There we met a beautiful couple Mrs. & Mr. Vinod from Noida. And I got to know at that time they are also victims of AMS. With exchanges of medicines and itinerary, we came back to our tent and retired for the day.

    Some random clicks from the day.
    2.9.1 Before Sarchu.jpg 2.9.2 Before Sarchu.jpg 2.5.2 Manali - Sarchu Sissu - Duo.JPG 2.5.1 Jispa - Jas.JPG 2.6.4 Patsio - Check Post.JPG
    2.6.2 Patsio - Bike.JPG

    To Be Continued ………………

    2.8.3 Bharatpur.jpg
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    DAY 3 – Independence Day– Monday – 15th August – Sarchu – Leh – 250 Kms – 8 Hrs
    Route – Sarchu – Gata Loops – Nakee La Pass – Lachung La – Pang – More Plains – Taglang La – Upshi – Karu – Leh

    So it was Day 3, we woke up early in the morning with our bodies acuminated with the environment. It was a big relief for us. After having a satisfying breakfast in camp only we started our ascend towards Leh around 8 AM. Over all we were in better control today, may be it was because our body had adjusted to the heights or it was the company we had with us.

    Morning Blues at Sarchu -
    3.1.2 Sarchu Morning.JPG 3.1.3 Sarchu Tent.jpg

    From Sarchu onwards Mrs. and Mr. Vinod joined us, they were on their car (Innova). We were driving close by only and it was a help!

    We reached one of the most anticipated point in our journey ‘Gata Loops’. It was a breath taking experience while crossing through those loops. I could literally feel butterflies in my stomach. It was an experience of lifetime, the view from the top was awesome, I think pictures can only define more perfectly.

    Gata Loops -
    3.2.2 Gata End.jpg 3.2.3 Gata.jpg

    While driving I realized ‘Boy it’s 15th Aug’, our Independence day. When we reached at Nakee La pass, I found that there were some tourist vehicles and the people in those were from Gujarat. All those vehicles were having National Flag hoisted. I felt so proud and patriotic that my unquenchable desire for love for my country, I went to them and asked, If they have any extra flag that they can share with me. I was so obliged that they shared a flag with me, which they had on one of their vehicles. This gesture made me nostalgic, even thank you or any other word can’t fulfil that gesture. With National Flag in my hands I was looking for something stick or so to hoisted on my bike, but no luck. So I made a quick temporary adjustment and attached the flag above my luggage, within mine to find a suitable stick. After that we started our descend towards Pang. We took a halt on tea stall for some refreshments, but flag in my mind I was only concentrating on a medium to hoist the pride of my country. In curiosity I asked the shopkeeper, if he had any stick or so for flag. Dorjee hearing about my plans agreed to help me and I can tell you, he was more excited than me. He searched a lot and was able to find suitable stick for my flag. He cleaned that stick shaped it, helped me in tying it to my bike.

    3.4.1 NakeeLa.jpg 3.4.2 Nakeela Descend Flag.jpg 3.4.3 Nakeela Descend Flag.jpg IMG_20160815_103347127_TOP.jpg

    He was such a Nice person that I had ever met in my life. Salutes and kudos to him.

    We reached Pang safely and in high spirits, everyone throughout the journey waved and saluted to the national Flag I had on my bike. We took a small break in Pang. Had few pics clicked, enjoyed the scenery.

    3.5.2 Pang.jpg

    We reached the sweetest part of our journey ‘More Plains’. It was a delightful place to be in, straight road going till the end of horizon. It was a feeling this is a road to heaven. We stopped on the plains for pics, but we were joined few tourists from Delhi. They were excited looking at the flag and everyone from there group had pics clicked against my bike. It was a proud moment for me. One of them said it’s 15th and we should celebrate. We had some music, they were songs from the movie ‘Rang De Basanti’ and that music made us dance. It was very exciting moment for all of us and we really enjoyed that.

    3.6.1 More Plains - Dance.JPG 3.6.2 More Plains - Flag.JPG 3.6.4 More Plains 2.JPG 3.6.5 More Plains River.JPG 3.6.6 More Plains.JPG

    We reached ‘Taglang La’, the Second highest road in the world on Leh- Manali route. It was quite cold up there with high winds. We decided to get few pics and start our descend toward leh. But weather tempted us to have a cup of hot tea.

    While there on Taglang La peak, I got a feeling that my bike is celebrity now. :p

    3.8.1 Taglang La.jpg 3.8.2 Taglang La.jpg 3.8.3 Taglang La.jpg 3.7.1 Taglang La.jpg

    On the way to Leh we just took a minor break to starigten our back, but as usual it ended a pin taking pics and enjoying the view.

    Some More Clicks -
    3.4.4 Lachung La.jpg 3.4.5 Lachung La.jpg 3.6.7 More Plains.JPG 3.7.2 More Plains.JPG 3.7.3 More Plains.JPG 3.7.4 More Plains.JPG 3.9.2 River.jpg 3.9.4 On the Way.jpg 3.9.5 On the Wya.jpg 3.10.1 Indus River Upshi.jpg

    AND FINALLY WE REACHED LEH and it’s end of Day 3

    To Be Continued ...............

    3.5.1 Pang.jpg
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    N Delhi

    happy landings
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    Nice start to an interesting Travelogue. Leh TL's are always interesting & the enthusiasm is evident....
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    DAY 4 – Tuesday – 16th August – Leh – Lamayaru – Leh – 240 Kms
    Route – Leh – Pathar Sahib Gurudwara – Magnetic Hill – Nimmoo – Saspol – Khaltsi – Moonland – Lamayuru – Back to Leh

    Today we waked up late in the morning as we have already decided to rest for a day. It was 10 AM, we moved to ‘Wonderland Kitchen’ to have our first breakfast in Leh. The food was perfectly cooked, it was just yummy and we were satisfied. With our tummy full we went to DC office to get the necessary permit for our onward journey. By 12 afternoons, we had all the permits with us and there was very big smile on our face with permits in our hand. We were in a confused state, should we go back to hotel and have some rest or should we explore nearby areas, and you know it was unanimous decision that we should explore nearby areas. We took out map and the plan we build to find nearby attractions. The first name came to us was Lamayuru.

    Below is some info about Pangong Tso – Hanle permit via chushul.

    Main Checkposts – Chushul (50 Kms from Spagmik) – Tsaga La (50 Kms) – Loma (30 Kms) – Hanle (60 Kms)
    Below are all the receipts they do charge you for:
    IMG_20161004_241928188.jpg IMG_20161004_242030009.jpg IMG_20161004_242047290.jpg IMG_20161004_242056052.jpg PicsArt_10-04-12.24.28.jpg

    Jasdeep told me that we can remove the flag from bike now. And the same my parents suggested at the end of last day. I felt the confidence and respect that our National Flag has ignited in me. So I decided I will not be removing flag from my bike. And throughout the trip our national Flag has given me different identity altogether.

    Roughly around 12:30 PM we started for tomorrow with a plan in our minds to cover Lamayuru Monastery, Pathar sahib Gurudwara and few brief stops in between for some cool pics like Moonland.

    Before Lamayuru we stopped by mesmerizing view (Gut feeling came that this is Moonland and later confirmed after viewing sign board). We had some pics there and explored the beauty around the valley. Its an amazing place with amazing view and you really feel that this place doesn’t belong to earth.

    The landscape took our breath away and we’re so numb. We just kept staring at the Moonland. At this spot only we met one guy from Hyderabad, Mr. Anil. And we had a very good chat then and there. He liked my bike because of the national flag and had some pics with it. We talked about the places, diversity, culture, religion and I think it was because of 15th of Aug only. Hehehe J. After that healthy and informational discussion, After capturing the pics in our camera and our eyes, we headed towards Lamayuru Monastary.

    Some Pics from Moonland:
    4.3.1 Moonland.jpg 4.3.6 Moonland.jpg 4.3.4 Moonland.jpg 4.3.7 Moonland.jpg

    The most precious moment that we had on this Lamayru route was, when we had a red carpet type entry in Monastery Complex, For me it was bit surprising that why I am getting this type of treatment, I was numb than I realized the cheer was not for me but for the Pride that we were having at that time. It was National Flag of India. My Home! My Country! In words I can’t explain that feeling that I had at that point of time. I was overwhelmed; overall I had a very nostalgic feeling. I am proud of my country. There as well a man asked us to get clicked with bike and both of us. He is Mr. Mehul Patel from Gujrat.

    Pic with Mehul and Lamayuru Monastery:
    4.4.2 Lamayru Monastry.jpg 4.4.1 Lamayru - Monastary.JPG

    We started the exploration of Lamayuru monastery, and I can bet you it’s one of the best experiences I had till now. I can now understand why artist poets look for such places to work. In simple words it’s just a heaven on earth.

    Some More Pics of Lamayuru Monastery:

    we started our journey back to Leh. Till the time we reached Khaltsi (30 Km from Lamayru), I felt some problem in breathing. Although I was well, but didn’t wanted to take any risk, so I stopped by Khaltsi Army Camp and got my Oxygen level checked. While leaving I asked my Military Doctor, How much I can pay you? And he instantly replied ‘Koi ek shwaas kharid nahi sakta, Hum kisi ko kya zindagi denge’. And it showed the spirit of military. After that we didn’t stop till Magnetic Hill.

    Khaltsi Checkpost:
    4.6.1 Khaltsi Check Post.jpg

    When we reached magnetic hill and it was getting dark. I saw tyre prints on sand mountains along with Magnetic Hill road, and I remember someone told me that you can take your vehicle till your guts. We started driving our bikes and it was all sand and it was very hard to drive bike there. It was bit scary up there :p

    Jasdeep almost lost his control and was about to fall from the bike when we reached the quite high on mountain. But luckily we managed to control the situation. It was a big relief and we decided to go down like good boys without any further mischiefs. When we reached on highway, people were inquiring about the mountain experience and we said bit risky and dark don’t try.

    Pics from Magnetic Hill:
    4.8.1 Magnetic Hill.jpg 4.8.3 Magnetic Hill.jpg 4.8.5 Magnetic Hill.jpg

    And finally we started for Pathar Sahib Gurudwara. It was dark when we reached there. We took blessings from Baba Ji, we had our share of Deg (Prashad). After spending few minutes in silence we decided to move for Leh. Finally we reached Leh around 8:30 PM. Directly went for dinner to our new favourite food joint ‘Wonderland Kitchen’ and again we had our tummy full to its peak.

    4.9.1 Pathar Sahib.jpg 4.9.2 Pathar Sahib.jpg

    To Be Continued ...........................
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    gr8 fun ,............. keep it up.............................
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    very nice Tlog. Would be amazing if you can also share details of jacket and their performance. Cheers
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    Wonderful Travelogue guys.
    Do share the price and performance of all the stuff you bought for this trip and above all your Bulls.

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