Adrenaline running high for 12 days – Trip of Lifetime

Nitin Singla

Wonderful Travelogue guys.
Do share the price and performance of all the stuff you bought for this trip and above all your Bulls.

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Hey Thanks for going through my post. Regrading the stuff that i bought and carried during this trip, i will be making a list and sharing that soon. Thank You Again! :)

Nitin Singla

very nice Tlog. Would be amazing if you can also share details of jacket and their performance. Cheers
Here are the details for the jacket. A single word for it; Perfectly Made, and Perfectly Designed Product'.

I bought this jacket after a long discussion and comparison with other riders in my area. I bought this jacket because of it's high quality, durability, usability. The jacket overall is heavily armored and that too of a good quality. The it self has a woolen liner which helped me during colder days on trip.

Overall these are the features that i found for this particular product.

1. Brand - Scoyco, Model - JK-42
2. Armour - CE Approved Shoulder and Arm Protectors. Tried and Tested. We both had a fall at speed 30-40 and No damage to us or Jacket was seen. So to our luck Jacket saved us from cut and bruises. So 5 out of 5 on armors.
3. Jacket material - Water Repellent Material with All Big Waterproof pockets. One bigger pocket at your back. You can carry anything in that.
4. Inner - Its has one additional Inner, which is Warm and Waterproof. Like other jackets you don't need two inner, One for waterproofing and one for keeping you warm.
5. Reflectors - For Night driving, it has decent amount of reflectors at back and arms.
6. Warm - During our trip, we never felt that we need any extra layer of clothes to save us from cold breezes.
7. Waterproofing - On our 12 day trip, we encountered rain on our way back i.e. 11th Day. Those were medium to light rains. Overall we're all dry on day 11. And on Day 12 we're hit by Stormy rain after Manali and we drove around 70 kms in that type of rain. Only some water entered from neck and no jacket could have stopped that kind of rain.

The price of jacket was 15000/- and i was able to get a discount and the final cost came down to 11000/-. Big Thanks to Mr. Abhishek from jazzmyride, Karol Bagh Delhi. I know you may find the price a bit high but looking and the features and quality it's worth every penny. Soon i will be sharing details pics of my jacket.

If you want to know any other information. Let me know.

Thanks for liking and going through my blog!


Ride to face the fear
Nitin awesome journey you guys had...Amazing log you have presented to us....Please provide in-depth details when you start the pangong - hanle- tsomoriri route. I was unable to do this year so want to satisfy my thirst through your log. Please don't make us wait...

Nitin Singla

Nitin awesome journey you guys had...Amazing log you have presented to us....Please provide in-depth details when you start the pangong - hanle- tsomoriri route. I was unable to do this year so want to satisfy my thirst through your log. Please don't make us wait...
Thanks NatureLover for liking and going through my travelogue. Surely will be discuss that in details. Its taking some extra time due to some overload these days.

Nitin Singla

DAY 5 – 17th August – Wednesday – Leh Local – Around 140 Kms
Route –
Shey - Hemis - Thiksey - Hall of Fame - Leh Palace

So yesterday night we both had a discussion about the plan we made and we decided to spend one extra day in leh as we were not coming back to the city. So today we woke as usual at 10, we were not in mood for breakfast. We decided to visit the places first that we have on our mind and have some food there and than only.

We first went to Shey Palace, It was a very nice experience going and visiting such a historical place. Thje view from the top of the monastery was mind blowing. And the statue of Lord Buddha was stunning. I felt so peace inside the temple area that can’t be described or written. We spent some moments in peace there and after that started with capturing the scenery.

5.2.2 Shey Palace.JPG
5.2.3 Shey Palace.JPG
5.2.4 Shey Palace.JPG
5.2.5 Shey Palace.JPG
5.2.6 Shey Palace.JPG

During information gathering on the place we got to know, there is a scared lake in front of Shey Palace. We bought few packets of biscuit from the shop nearby and fed the fishes in the holy lake. It was a very nice experience.

5.2.7 Shey Palace.JPG
5.2.1 Shey Palace - rest.JPG

After Shey Palace we went to Hemis, Before entering the monastery we found few children along roadside for some sort of convenience. We asked if they want a lift, but looks like they were too shy to ask for that. Eventually they took lift from us and it was a fun ride. When we reached our common destination, we found we were friends, few pics with them.

5.4.1 Hemis.JPG

When we reached monastery we found lunch time was going on and it will be open after 45 mins. So we utilized that time in capturing the beauty exploring the surroundings, networking with locals and it was fun time doing that. And the time fly by so quickly that we thought it’s only few minutes that we have reched here. By this time the gates of monastery were opened for public. We bought the tickets and went inside the monastery. It is one of the most beautiful and I’ll say biggest monastery I have seen with a very big compound and a very delightful temple area.

5.4.2 Hemis.JPG
5.4.3 Hemis.jpg

After visiting the temple and temple area we visited the museum. It was good to know the history traditions of monks, it was an insight for us on Buddhism.



After this we started our journey towards Thiksey. We reached Thiksey around 3:30. So we quickly had few pics and area exploration and we started our journey back to Leh city because we had Hall of Fame as well on the list. And we decided not to miss that.

5.5.1 Thiksey.jpg

We reached hall of fame just in time to see the museum and the beautiful valley, which is seen from the Hall of fame grounds. The museum specially was the most encouraging thing. I was surprised and amused by the collection of the artifacts we had there. And I am really proud of Indian Soldiers and I Bow in front of those who have sacrificed their lives for our mother country.

At the same time it was emotional thing for us by looking at the letter s and pics of soldiers fighting bravely in the battlefield.

When we went in the ground of Hall of Fame, just behing the main complex. It was marvellous site to see. Gives a complete 270 dgree view of mountains around the Leh valley. It is a picture perfect place to be in.

5.6.2 Hall of Fame.jpg
5.6.3 Hall of Fame.jpg
5.6.4 Hall of Fame.jpg
5.6.5 Hall of Fame.jpg
5.6.1 Hall of Fame.jpg

We still had some time left for the evening, so we decided to visit Leh palace. To see the culture and traditions of the Ladakhi people. The fort itself is made up of mud with a marvelous architecture.

5.7.1 Leh Palace.JPG
5.7.2 Leh View.JPG
5.7.3 Leh palace.JPG
5.7.4 Leh Palace.JPG
5.7.5 Leh Palace.JPG
5.7.6 Leh Palace.JPG

We already decided the list of restaurants that we will be visiting throughout the trip. Today was the day for dinner at Tibetan Kitchen, Fort Road Leh. The food was ultimate in taste, quality and quantity. It compleytely filled our appetite for both stomach and souls. Overall we had a yummy dinner at Tibetan kitchen and Thanks to them.


This concludes our day 5, we went back to our hotel for another day in Leh.

To Be Continued ............

Nitin Singla

DAY 6 – 18th August – Thursday – Leh Local
Overview –
Rest Day, Leh Market, Shanti Stupa, Bike Checking

So this is the extra day we decided to spend in Leh Only. We're acclimatized fully till now and we need some leisure and rest. Today is Raksha Bandhan Too. :) :)
6.1.2 Rakhee.jpg

We woke up at around 12 in the morning, after that we went to 'Gesmos German Bakery & Restaurant' at Fort Road. Mostly the matra we used while ordering food in Leh, First we see the menu and that look for the items that we don't understand what it is. We just keep ordering random items and to our luck, each and every item is super tasty and delicious. After having some good food we moved to Leh Market. Did bit shopping there and than went to mechanic for Bike checking. The best evening we spent is today that is on Shanti Stupa followed by Home Made dinner with our Uncle that we met today in Leh. He offered us dinner at his place on same day. It was nice experience.

Below id presenting Day 6 in photos:

6.2.1 Leh Market.JPG
6.2.2 Leh Market.JPG
6.6.1 Dinner with Uncle.jpg

To Be Continued .............
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