Advice needed on purchasing used bike

Pankaj Shirke

IT professional shifted to Solar Professional now
Dear friends,
Posting after gap of long time.

Friends, my assignment is with an social enterprise and I primarily do surveys regarding solar pumps, community biogas and providing maintenance services for small solar plants located in remote areas of Maharashtra. I am located in pune and I need to travel to and fro 200 to 300 kms daily on bike atleast twice in a week. My age is 40 years.

I have a bike TVS Victor GLX 125 and till now, in 11 years, I have travelled 1.75 lac kilometers on this bike and still bike gives me mileage around 65 kmpl and still reliable for long distance travels.

But since my bike is 11 years old hence I am thinking of getting one companion for this bike because if any breakdown happens to my current bike(GLX), in case of emergency, i can use this bike as a substitute to my current bike or I can alternately use both these bikes for travel and load on one bike is reduced.
I just want to use this second hand bike for 3 years max hence I don't want to spend much at this moment, after 3 years, i will take some new bike later. Since it is my start of business, hence I don't want to spend initially too much on bikes. After settling I will get a new bike or a car later.

I searched according my criteria
1) Good power and ability for longer distances travelling.
2) Decent mileage, i know that since it is a used bike hence can't expect good mileage. But anything between 45 kmpl to 55 kmpl is ok for me.
3) Thus anything between 125 to 150 cc and costing upto 15000 is ok for me.

Bikes I am getting according to my criteria are
1) Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber(old one with round headlight)
2) TVS Suzuki Fiero
3) Hero Honda Ambition
4) Bajaj Pulsar 150(around 2004 year model)

Out of all these, My heart beats much for caliber, since it is a rough tough bike but I doubt about its long distance travel ability and parts availibility. Caliber has an advantage of 45/40 watts headlight which is an added advantage while travelling on hilly roads at night time. Power is somewhat more than cd 100 ss, but caliber is 112 cc which is 15 cc more than cd 100 ss /splendor.

2) TVS Suzuki Fiero is my second choice because it is 150 cc, good power, and handling and decent mileage , almost all things are plus points but small and weak headlight takes me to backfoot(headlight is just like scooty)

3) Hero Honda Ambition:
It is a good bike with 5 gears , good power but heard about its low mileage around 35 to 40 kmpl which takes me to backfoot(if it's mileage is 50 kmpl, this can be my choice as well)

4) Bajaj Pulsar 150
Overall a good reputated brand but doubt , common one and abundantly available in used bike market, but it is my last option because in case even if above 3 options don't work, i can get this, but it is last option.

In 11 years, other than GLX, I have not driven any other bike quite often. For some time, I have driven Bajaj Boxer and platina , very smooth but feel tiresome for 50 to 100 kms ride(But due to this engine smoothness of boxer, I am tilted towards old caliber very much)

Is old caliber comfortable for 200 to 300 kms to and fro travel?

Please suggest
Need your advice

Thanking you


Pankaj Shirke

IT professional shifted to Solar Professional now
Finally going for pulsar 150.
One of my friend selling it.

First version of dtsi model 2004 -2005 I am getting.


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Why are you looking at buying so old bike models since the first reason for purchasing second bike is avoiding breakdown?
Get atleast 2010 around model bike if you want it to be reliable. The bike models you are mentioned will be badly abused mostly. So it will be a headache only.
The reason your bike is still going strong is regular use and obviously regular servicing. You never know how the other person has maintained his bike, that too such an old model.