Advice needed on Self Drive rentals


Hello Guys,

I've booked a self drive car for my upcoming trip to himachal from chandigarh. I was looking for some advice on do's and don'ts while renting such vehicles.

I know many of you have already gone through self drive experience. Can you please help me with what all I need to consider when I'm taking the delivery of the car and while handing it over back to them (in terms of documents, precautions etc.).

Any advice on this would be appreciated.

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Yogesh Sarkar

Not sure how I missed it.

1. You need to do a full check of the outside and inside of the car, take photos and 360 degree video of the car. The rental car representative would do the same and mark tje dents etc. But you need to keep a safe side and make sure you do the same.

2. Photograph the fuel and kilometres reading, also take photo of any accessories and tool kit provided with the car.

3. Make sure all the documents are in place. Also check if any state tax is already paid for the car, if it is, you will save money.

4. You will have to pay state tax for each state you drive through. Even if it is for a few kilometres. Do not skip on this, else you can be fined hwavilh by the cops. Cops on Haryana and Punjab are generally on the look for people in selfdrisel vehicles.

Rohit Kothari

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Another important tip , take the vehicle a few hours earlier than your actual time of start and take if for a drive. This way you will get an idea if there are any issues with the vehicle that would not be visible from outside. Coming from a personal experience, we were once delayed by over 7 hours as the vehicle given to us had its engine light come on in few kms, horn went out as well. To top it, the suspension was giving out horrible noise while driving over uneven roads. And the provider was non other than Zoom Car.
These guys have gone on uber model now ie they do not own all the cars. So take some time to drive around and notice any issue.


Thanks guys...appreciate you for taking some time out. Although read it only today as I came back after the long trip.

Handed the car over to them with a minor dent (no scratch), waiting for them to respond now.

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