Agashiye - Roof Top Restaurant


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Agashiye - Roof Top Restaurant - For Ethenic Gujarati / Kathiawari Food

Location: House of M G Hotel, Relief Road, Ahmedabad

Restaurant has tried its best to keep ethenic gujarati touch in each and every item from food to tables to staff to show pieces to serving plates to .......

It is a Roof-Top type Restaurant and dinners here are amazing.

Food is pretty costly Rs. 225/- & Rs. 325/- for lunch of regular and delux class & Rs. 295/- & Rs. 395/- for dinner of regular and delux class. But inspite of the heavy price the thali that they serve consists of n-number of items of a sparingly distinct taste that one wouldn't have tasted ever. So for impressing your special ones this is the place to be in.

There is a open kitchen in the restaurant where you can see what all is put in your dishes.


should give it a try the next time..i ope there aren't any non gujarati items in the thali because that realy pisses me off.