Ahmedabad Ladakh trip

Astitva Arora

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I am planning next year around August September to go to Ladakh from Ahmedabad. It will be a 21-22 day.

My plan

Day 1 Ahmedabad to Ajmer
Day 2 Ajmer to Karnal
Day 3 Karnal to Manali
Day 4 Manali to Jispa
Day 5 Jispa to Leh
Day 6 Leh sightseeing
Day 7 Leh sightseeing
Day 8 Leh to Nubra Valley
Day 9 Nubra Valley to Pangong lake
Day 10 Pangong Lake to Marsimik la to pangong
Day 11 Pangong Leh to Umling la pass to Hanle
Day 12 Hanle to Two Tso Moriri to Hanle
Day 13 Hanle to Leh
Day 14 Leh to Jispa
Day 15 Jispa to Mandi
Day 16 Mandi to Dehradun
Day 17 Dehradun
Day 18 Dehradun
Day 19 Dehradun to Delhi
Day 20 Delhi to Ajmer
Day 21 Ajmer to Ahmedabad

I can add one to 2 day extra max.

Also I a confused between which bike to choose as riding with pillon and it's just we 2 me and my wife.

I am waiting for interceptor 650 or go with Aquila 250 or Thunderbird 500.

Any suggestion are most welcome. Do we need any permit for Umling la pass. Which is still not ready fully.

Yogesh Sarkar

Please keep in mind that the month of August is monsoon season in North India and even though monsoon rain does not reach Ladakh, you will encounter it, rest of the way.

Instead of keeping 2 days in Leh, keep one-day initially.

Do Pangong Tso to Hanle, next day you can attempt Umling La. As for the permit requirement, permit for Hanle should do. However, with the growing popularity of the pass, things may change next year and a check post might come up. So keep an eye on the forum next year for the update regarding this.

From Tso Moriri, instead of coming back to Hanle, stay there. Next day take the Tso Kar route back to Leh.

Keep a rest day in Leh.

Jispa to Mandi will be difficult, so keep a buffer day.

Main issue for you would be fuel, since apart from Leh and Diskit, there are no petrol pumps in Ladakh, so you will have to carry fuel or buy in black. With a pillion, carrying fuel will be difficult, so please factor that in as well.

Astitva Arora

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Thanks for the suggestion I am buying Thunderbird and modify that with Harley style side carriers and Indian style motorcycle seat for pillon with back carrier and 2 10 litre fuel can holder . Any suggestion where I can get that in Ahmedabad.

Yogesh Sarkar

Which sort of cans are you planning to buy? I am asking, since majority of the fuel cans leak. Usually the engine oil containers don't leak and are cheap to source. But then you need to get the carrier made accordingly.

Astitva Arora

New Member
I am thinking of buying aluminium panniers for side which can hold 15-20 kg weight each. Also I am buying 20 litre Jerry can which can carry enough extra fuel required. Also I need any bike seat modification like that in India motorcycle. So that pillon can sit comfortably. Need suggestion anyone can ship these to Ahmedabad in India or anyone in Ahmedabad does this.

I looked at giving but it cost 34 thousand and dirtsik it cost 20 thousand. Any other Indian company that makes it.