Air Asia sale begins tonight


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What a complete farce!!
Here is a fare I have been watching for a few days. The results are from GoIbibo and the so-called Air Asia sale!
No difference whatsoever!!




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They have this sale at least 10 times each year. Each time I, and I doubt anyone else, ever get anything.

Yogesh Sarkar

I have always heard from a few, they got good deals in sales, I never do :(. Usually it is the same price for the sectors I want to fly to.


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Does anybody sell ticket coupons / vouchers nowadays? Like how Indian Airlines had at one time.


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Aptly mentioned by @omega. It's a norm these days to aggressively promote their sale but not giving anything to anyone except couple of buyers.
Be it an e-commerce website or anything else, I find it a waste of time to get lured by such gimmicks.
IMO, it is still better to be old school and spend time in planning your travel early and take some benefit.