Air Conditioner...need advice..


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The AMC is an 'insurance' policy, more than a multi-service pack. Apart from one service at start of season (and possibly one at end-of-season), it covers possible repair/replacement of defective components.

And my chappie charges Rs.175/- for window unit service.
I had three done for Rs. 475/- this year. :)
Yes, AMC is kinda insurance policy, but it also gives 2-3 services (including wet) bundled in it.

Are some of these services a simple filter cleaning job?
Or are they all wet services? :confused:

I run two of my ACs 24x7 too, during summer months, which means at least six months in the year. Neither National, nor LG, advised service any more than once a year!
Exactly, none of our ACs need any attention except for periodic air-filter dry cleaning! Wet service is done only once a year, and that's enough for most of ACs in India. :)


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I would like to propose 'o' General..real performer. Very efficient in the months when temp and humidity soars to unbearable levels.
My recommendation General or Hitachi. Though they are slightly costly, you get what you pay for.
+1 on o'general. Once we tried it at home, we did not look back. Great cooling in all temperatures, soundless and good service. You get what you pay for. Also look at power consumption figures. I believe O general will be more efficient.


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I guess in most of them the 'input voltage range' for a 4-5KVA stabilizer is about 180-280 volts which then is regulated to be 200-240volts as 'output voltage range'.
If actual voltage is below 180, the stabilizer won't start.

AnupJi, Am I wrong?