Air Conditioner...need advice..


:confused: Please read it again! I mean my earlier post.
Sir, i read it and i shall let the AC mech know about this,

I guess in most of them the 'input voltage range' for a 4-5KVA stabilizer is about 180-280 volts which then is regulated to be 200-240volts as 'output voltage range'.
If actual voltage is below 180, the stabilizer won't start.
the problem in my case is(which i think) is--the voltage isn't stable and everytime the compressor starts, the low voltage makes it trip and the continuous tripping doesn't allow for cooling, though we have a phase exclusively for the AC

Similar problem here,though we have uninterrupted power supply and AC starts,but one AC,puts too much load,and even tubelights fail to glow:mad:
at least one AC runs at your place, we have just installed the first AC and were about to go for 2nd one, but i would prefer buying a painting to adorn my wall:rolleyes:


Hi Guys ,

Although iam using 1.5 ton Ac's from past couple of years , but now i planing to buy 1 ton ac. Need your guidence if you can suggest which AC returns best value for money.

Also if you can let me know approximate price then it will be great...I don't want to go for very high-end model.


Deepak Dongre
Super info thread...though am not buying any at the moment- but I've got all the required info to make a decision if I plan to..not to mention advising others too on these lines :)